GTA Online introduces slowest coupes in entire game

YouTuber Broughy1322 has calculated their respective top speeds recently
YouTuber Broughy1322 has calculated their respective top speeds recently (Image via Rockstar Games)

Though two new vehicles have been introduced in GTA Online, they might just be the slowest in their entire class. Players have been waiting for over two weeks for the next drip-fed vehicle. In that regard, the Criminal Enterprises update has more to offer in the next few months.

At the very least, the developers introduced two cars this week, namely the Dinka Kanjo SJ and the Dinka Postlude. Unfortunately, based on the findings of a prominent YouTuber, they aren't going to be known for their speed.

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Why Kanjo SJ and Postlude are slowest coupes in GTA Online

Broughy1322 already calculated top speeds for each vehicle


For those who are unaware, Broughy1322 is a residential car expert in the GTA Online scene. He tests the latest rides after fully upgrading them with the best performance modifications.

Here's a look at his calculations for the Kanjo SJ and Postlude:

  • The Kanjo SJ can reach 107.25 miles per hour
  • The Postlude can reach 103 miles per hour

Broughy1322 also tested each car for their fastest lap times:

  • The Kanjo SJ has a lap time of 1:12.322
  • The Postlude has a lap time of 1:14.541

Before the inclusion of these vehicles, the slowest coupe was the Cognoscenti Cabrio. It only reached a top speed of 110 miles per hour, along with a lap time of 1:10.637.

Broughy1322 also noted that both the Kanjo SJ and the Postlude can't be used in tuner class races. It's currently unknown if this is an oversight from Rockstar Games, as this week is celebrating tuner activities. Either way, players will likely find out very soon if anything changes.

Coupes are relatively slow vehicles


Coupes are mainly associated with a stylish look in the game and not necessarily a sporty feel. They can only compete against each other in a race. As of the time of this writing, here are the fastest regular coupes in GTA Online:

  • The Windsor and Windsor Drop can reach 118 miles per hour
  • The Ocelot F620 can reach 117.50 miles per hour
  • The Sentinel XS normally reaches 117.25 miles per hour

Technically speaking, the Sentinel XS can go even faster with HSW upgrades, which makes a huge difference in GTA Online:

  • The Ubermacht Sentinel XS with HSW upgrades can reach 137.75 miles per hour

The Sentinel XS is an exception since it's the only coupe with HSW upgrades. That said, even without the upgrades, the Kanjo SJ and Postlude can't keep up with it.

Are they still viable in GTA Online?


The Postlude and Kanjo SJ are worth $1,310,000 and $1,370,000, respectively. Truth be told, their price tags are not indicative of their performance since both vehicles are fairly average.

With that said, the developers of GTA Online did a decent job with the customization features for these cars. Whether it's the doors and seats or custom paint jobs, if the player doesn't mind spending a lot of money, they might like what they see.

Overall, the Kanjo SJ and Postlude are mainly for show. They aren't competitive by any means, but Rockstar did put effort into their customization features. Players should only get these vehicles if that's what they care about the most.

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