GTA Online players can visit Cayo Perico island as an animal

Visiting the Cayo Perico island as animals is the newest trend in GTA Online (Image via Twitter)
Visiting the Cayo Perico island as animals is the newest trend in GTA Online (Image via Twitter)

Peyote plants have returned to Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online, and players who consume them can transform into a variety of animals. While most GTA Online players simply roam the map after transforming, others have visited Cayo Perico Island to experience some extraordinary fun.

Rockstar Games allows players to do so while removing some fundamental character abilities. Players can visit the island at any time as animals and can even dance at the Cayo Perico Beach Party without being bothered by other NPCs.

Cayo Perico island is accessible to GTA Online players as animals

PLTytus, a Twitter user, shared a Tweet informing GTA Online players that they can visit Cayo Perico island as animals. The user posted an in-game screenshot in which they can be seen flying across the island as a pigeon.

You can go as animal to the Cayo Perico island! #GTAOnline

They also shared images of other players that have transformed into animals on the island. Although viable in the game, players should be aware that Cayo Perico Island is still inaccessible during free roam.

After consuming the plants, players must begin scouting missions for the Cayo Perico Heist to visit the island. While the majority of the mission requirements and gameplay elements remain the same, players can also fly around the island after transforming into any of the birds.

Other players shared their moments on the island

A Twitter user, XenonGtaMoments, shared a video of themselves as Bigfoot dancing at the Cayo Perico Beach Party, although none of the NPCs appeared to be interested in the creature.


User Pan Qrix can also be seen as an animal at the party with other players. While the option to visit and dance on Cayo Perico Island as an animal is enabled, it appears the game doesn't really favor the move as most of the dance movements are heavily glitched.

In the above video, player Lil Violent, who turned into a Rottweiler, can be seen dancing weirdly. Even PLTytus, present as a regular character, is bugged and submerged into the ground.

More information about the Peyote plants

Peyote plants can be found freely in GTA 5 Story Mode and on special occasions in Grand Theft Auto Online. There are 76 peyote plants located throughout Los Santos and Blaine County, with each plant transforming players into a specific animal.


Players who have transformed into animals are unable to enter buildings or drive vehicles. They can, however, gain the powers and abilities of that specific animal. GTA Online players should try the plants and go to Cayo Perico before Rockstar removes them.

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