GTA Online summer update: Business protections and upgrades revealed

These improvements will make a huge difference (Image via Rockstar Games)
These improvements will make a huge difference (Image via Rockstar Games)
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Starting July 26, GTA Online Criminal Enterprises will bring several changes to how businesses are performed.

Businesses are the bread and butter of the GTA Online economy. Along with heists, these are the most reliable sources of income. The summer update will make it worth the player's while with a series of improvements, spanning across several criminal businesses.

Rockstar is listening to player feedback as they continue to read through online submissions. Most of these business protections and upgrades are based on what the community has wanted for several years. The summer update is set to arrive on all systems, so players have something to look forward to.

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Rockstar has revealed several business upgrades for GTA Online Criminal Enterprises

Players can perform businesses in private lobbies


Previously, GTA Online players were forced to run their businesses in a public lobby. That is no longer the case with the Criminal Enterprises update. Businesses can now be run in the following sessions:

  • Invite Only
  • Friends
  • Crew

Players will also be able to register as a CEO/VIP in private lobbies. They can even get started on the popular Sell Missions. GTA Online now makes it possible for players to maintain a suitable pace, either by themselves or with a friend.

There is still a financial incentive to complete these missions in public lobbies. According to Rockstar, players will receive a bigger bonus for doing so, but the total amount hasn't been clarified yet.

Organizations and MC members make a lot more money


Starting with the summer update, GTA Online will now double the base salaries for bodyguards, associates and MC members. This will give players the motivation to join organizations and clubs.

There are a few upgrades related to Sell Missions. Bodyguards and associates will now receive fair payouts whenever they participate. In the meantime, MC members will earn more in these missions, although the full amount hasn't been disclosed yet. It will likely be revealed when the update arrives.

On a related note, renaming organizations will now have a reduced fine.

Players can receive first-time payout boosts


CEOs, VIPs and MC Presidents will all be eligible for these special bonuses. It doesn't matter if GTA Online players have already completed them prior to July 26. This only takes effect when the summer update drops. However, these bonuses only apply for their first Sell Mission:

  • Executives: Triple rewards for the Export Mixed Goods Sell mission
  • Bikers: Stock will be produced at triple the speed
  • Gunrunners: The first item can be researched at triple the speed
  • Nightclub Owners: Triple rewards for the Business Battle Goods

The rates will return to normal after the first Sell Mission is completed, depending on the business. For a limited time only, GTA Online players can also receive double payouts. These bonuses apply to the following criminal activities:

  • Motorcycle Club Work
  • Club Challenges
  • Clubhouse Contracts
  • Member Challenges
  • VIP Work

Last but not least, Sell Missions will also be doubled, but only for the first time it's successfully completed. Players only have a short time frame to comeplete these missions, so it's best to strike while the iron is hot.

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