5 features from other games that GTA 6 should have

Imagine playing GTA 6 with best-in-class features from other games (Image via Sportskeeda)
Imagine playing GTA 6 with best-in-class features from other games (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA 6 carries a lot of fan anticipation, and Rockstar is working hard to deliver a top-notch game. After nine years of waiting for the next Grand Theft Auto title, fans have higher expectations for the game than ever before.

Rockstar is a well-known expert in open-world games. The company has created several popular games that are known for their absolute perfection in every field. However, there is always room for improvement, and fans often ask for their favorite features to be in the game.

This article lists five gameplay features from other games that GTA 6 should incorporate for a complete experience.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the writer's opinions. Listings are not in any order.

5 video game features GTA 6 should include for a truly enhanced experience

1) Driving mechanism from Forza Horizon


Forza Horizon is one of the top-tier racing games in the genre, and players adore its driving mechanism. Although the game does not offer a hyper-realistic driving experience, players enjoy taking those cars out for a fast and furious experience.

GTA games have a balanced driving mechanism as well, but they lean more towards the arcade gaming style. Grand Theft Auto 4 introduced new driving physics with the Euphoria Engine, but players did not receive it well.

Rockstar Games should include a well-balanced driving mechanism similar to Forza Horizon in GTA 6 for a better cruising experience.

2) Gun mechanics like Call of Duty


Rockstar's latest GTA titles, Grand Theft Auto 5 and Online, include a plethora of guns and weapons. However, players frequently complain that they are not visually or experientially appealing. Rockstar removed the majority of the details from the guns before releasing them in the game.

However, the Call of Duty franchise has some of the best gun and weapon mechanisms in their games. As it is a player vs player and first-person shooter, game developers have to put their main emphasis on the weapons.

Rockstar could also consider some of the Call of Duty gun mechanics in GTA 6. Fans will undoubtedly appreciate it if the game offers a better gun experience than previous games.

3) Detailed Map Streaming like Microsoft Flight Simulator


Rockstar has some of the best open-world games to offer. Even while flying around the map, the atmosphere and other environmental elements interact with the player.

Although Microsoft Flight Simulator is not a true open-world game like GTA, it does feature a map of almost the entire planet. Players can fly planes in the game and experience a detailed and vast open-world simulation that is very similar to the real world.

To provide a more enhanced flying experience, Rockstar should definitely implement some of those detailed map streaming mechanisms in the upcoming game. While it may be difficult to implement, live weather simulations should also be included if at all possible.

4) Haptics like Astro’s Playroom


The haptic mechanisms in GTA 5 are among the best in the category. The gameplay is so detailed and well-crafted that players with proper gear and equipment can experience it in real life.

Astro's Playroom is a fun little game that was released alongside the PlayStation 5 to showcase its new Dual-Sense controller capabilities. It fully utilizes the controller's functions and provides an immersive haptic experience.

In the game, players can experience different surfaces, the tension strength of pulling objects, and many other things. Rockstar should also make full use of the PS5 controller and incorporate more haptics into the game.

5) Eagle eye from RDR 2


RDR 2's Eagle Eye is a unique combat feature that allows players to aim and shoot in slow motion. The feature aids in killing enemies in difficult situations. Grand Theft Auto 6 should also have something similar in the game.

While recent leaks have shown an Eagle Eye-like skill in the game, Rockstar is yet to confirm it. Fans are eagerly awaiting the game's release so they can try out the new ability.

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