Possible clothing rewards for GTA Online Heist Challenge 2022

These are several of the clothing rewards players have found (Images via VG247)
These are several of the clothing rewards players have found (Images via VG247)

Recently, GTA Online data miners found codes pointing towards the inclusion of Heist Challenge 2022 in an upcoming update. This special event last happened in November 2020 in GTA Online.

In this event, Rockstar Games doubled the earnings of many of the heist missions and presented new rewards. This was also coupled with new discount offers and many other community-centric bonuses.

Due to its history, players are excited for Rockstar Games to announce the Heist Challenge this November. So far, the developers have not mentioned it.

Players might get a new Doomsday outfit, Clifford hoodie, and more in the 2022 Heist Challenge in GTA Online

rewards most likely for the challengeHeists: Pacific Standard Sweater + Pacific Standard VarsityDoomsday Heist: Cliffford Hoodie + Cliffford VarsityCasino Heist: The Diamond Strike Vest + The Diamond Casino VarsityIsland Heist: Strickler Hat + Sinsimito Cuban Shirt#GTAOnline…

In the tweet above from WildBrick142, players can see all the possible clothing rewards uncovered. Furthermore, if players look at the code revealed by popular GTA informer Tez2, they can see the "heist challenge 2022" clearly mentioned.

Again, nothing has been officially confirmed yet, so take this with a grain of salt. The following are all of the possible clothing options shared by WildBrick142:

  • Pacific Standard Heist: Pacific Standard Sweater and Pacific Standard Varsity
  • Doomsday Heist: Clifford Hoodie and Clifford Varsity
  • Diamond Casino Heist: Diamond Strike Vest and Diamond Casino Varsity
  • Cayo Perico Heist: Strickler Hat and Sinsimito Cuban Shirt

Additionally, the code shared by Tez2 does not directly point toward a newswire article, so there are no other specified rewards mentioned in it.

What were the rewards for the GTA Online Heist challenge in 2020?


This heist challenge ran from November 12 - 18. During this period, Rockstar Games introduced several community challenges. The highlight was that if the entire GTA Online community collectively earned more than GTA$100 billion, all participants would be given special vehicles and a badge of honor.

This target was easily reached by the community as Rockstar Games soon announced that the entire community raised earned over GTA$1 trillion. On December 15, all participants were rewarded with the Veto Classic and the Panther Varsity Jacket for free as a symbol of appreciation.

Players who logged in that week also received the Invade and Persuade Barrels Tee outfit for free and a million dollars. Making this entire challenge pretty lucrative for most players.

There were also several special deals on vehicles like the Grotti X80 Proto and Vapid Retinue. Several properties, including the Master Penthouse and Arcades, also received significant discounts.

Casino Heist Setup costs were also effectively cut down, combined with double RP and money rewards on the Casino story and Resurrection Adversary mode missions. Even players who linked their Rockstar Games account with their Amazon account got around $200,000.

It is safe to assume that players will be getting something similar, if not better, rewards with this year's Heist Challenge whenever it is officially released. For now, players can only wait for Rockstar Games themselves to announce this challenge.

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