Redditor compares GTA 5 map at day and night

GTA 5 has been out for almost a decade (Image via GTA5 Mods)
GTA 5 has been out for almost a decade (Image via GTA5 Mods)
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GTA 5 has been around for almost a decade, and gamers are still finding new stuff about the game. A few days ago, Redditor u/LegendMorningStar, posted a picture of the game's map and how it looks during daytime vs night.

The picture was posted multiple times across several pages and sparked quite the discussion.

Redditor compares GTA 5 map at day and night

As mentioned above, u/LegendMorningStar posted this image on Reddit a few days ago. The map on the left looks quite ordinary, as GTA 5 gamers see it almost every day. However, the image on the right represents how Los Santos, Blaine County, and Sandy Shores look at night (on the map).

The lit-up part to the bottom represents the main city of Los Santos. The small area to the left-most part is the Fort Zancudo Military Base. The top-most part is the small town of Paleto Bay.

Lastly, there are a few lit-up settlements along the Senora Freeway. The night map truly exposes how empty the game's map actually is. Other users were quick to take note of this and got into a discussion.

After looking at this comparison, one user realized how small the town of Los Santos actually is. The densely populated town with its skyscrapers, docks, airport, etc., feels quite large owing to its diversity. But in reality, it is just a fraction of the entire map, considering players spend most of their time here.

Another GTA fan was quick to jump in and defend the game's legendary status. What he says is true, though. The game is almost a decade old, and the fact that it is still being played today makes a huge statement.

Map-wise, it may not be as good as the modern open-world RPGs, but all the other aspects still hold their own to date. The game is being ported to next-gen consoles and will look even better after March 15.

Another Redditor by the username u/ult1matum came up with the most comprehensive study. He pits GTA 5 against its predecessor set in Liberty City. He pointed out that the fourth game had a more realistic driving engine and slower cars.

Plus, the diversity in Liberty City was more than that present in Los Santos, which made LC feel larger.

He also said that San Andreas featured three distinct cities with distinguishable settings (forest, countryside, and desert). It was by far the most diverse map of the series. RDR 2 also gets a mention in this post as the Redditor said the map in the game is much smaller than Grand Theft Auto 5.

The characters in that game use horses, making traveling a huge affair. Random events, NPC interactions, etc., also make the RDR 2 feel larger, and gamers are often lost.

For comprehensive guides and walkthroughs, check out SK GTA Wiki

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