"Still broken": GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition players outraged as new title update barely fixes anything

Fans are disappointed with the latest title update for GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition (Image via InfinityBesk on Twitter)
Fans are disappointed with the latest title update for GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition (Image via InfinityBesk on Twitter)

Rockstar Games surprised players by recently releasing a new update for GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition. However, fans don’t seem to be too happy about it.

According to an enthusiastic fan named InfinityBesk, the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition still has some issues even after receiving the latest update. They shared a couple of tweets showcasing various game-breaking glitches that have not been fixed yet, and called the game “Still broken.” The user tweeted:

Still broken Ai upscaled roads from launch in all 3 games GTA 3 VC and SA 2/4

The new title update 1.04.5 was released for GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition on October 18, 2022.

GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition is still broken even after getting a new update

Well we all know I was gonna say something about it and I'm extremely disappointedThe GTA Trilogy Patch has fixed ZERO yes Zero main issues that I have with the games like misplaced objects and many other 1/4

As seen in the tweet above, InfinityBesk also shared a video clip containing a major game-breaking glitch in GTA Vice City Definitive Edition. The video starts with protagonist Tommy Vercetti reaching the docks in a vehicle. As soon as the player exits the car and tries to walk on the ramp, they go through it and into the water instead of making it to the top.

The user shared their disappointment by stating:

“The GTA Trilogy Patch has fixed ZERO yes Zero main issues that I have with the games like misplaced objects and many other.”

In a follow-up tweet mentioned in the beginning, InfinityBesk shared pictures of some broken AI upscaled in-game roads across all three games. They also shared another clip of a brand-new glitch in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition.

If players look closely, they can find some parts of the car changing color every time the garage is opened and closed:

I even found a new glitch where some parts of my car change color every time I open and close the garage door in San Andreas 3/4

In a fourth tweet, the user also pointed out some old glitches in Grand Theft Auto 3 since 2001, where players can drop in the water and land underwater to walk upon instead of dying.

Still glitches from 2001 original game present 4/4

InfinityBesk also pointed out that several issues are still present in the game, including:

  • Misplaced objects
  • Upscaled stuff with stiff animations
  • No graphical improvements
  • Glitches
  • Map bugs
  • Invisible walls
I'm sorry guys there's so much stuff I don't want to repeat myself but misplaced objects ai upscaled stuff stiff animations 0 graphical changes glitches present map bugs Concerning amount of Invisible walls I'm not posting about the new patch anymore I don't like being negative

Other Grand Theft Auto gamers react to InfinityBesk's tweets

Fans expressed their disappointment and frustration via comments on the posts. Here are some of the best reactions after seeing such major glitches in GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition:

@InfinityBesk The trilogy has alot of issues that's the thread
@InfinityBesk The Definitive Edition is an embarrassment to the GTA franchise.
@InfinityBesk This is best mistaken to Rockstar Games that 'disappointed remastered release' of 3D GTA Trilogy for its updates absolutely nothing, but still problem.

Fans are saddened to see the current state of the trilogy as it is titled Definitive Edition. Even after so much time after its release and getting multiple patches, the game appears to consist of a lot of major bugs and glitches that are not acceptable to the community.

The official patch notes of the update state the following:

"Stability improvements across all three titles on all platforms"

It seems the developers are trying to expand the availability of the trilogy with the update, thanks to a new report by an indie game developer.

Based on recent findings by famous game developer Havi, Steam Configuration has been added to the Engine.ini file with the latest update. The developers haven’t confirmed the trilogy's arrival on Steam. However, it would be nice to see how it turns out on the platform.

Rockstar should fix all the major issues in the trilogy, including the ones mentioned above, before releasing it on Steam. The new title update 1.04.5 has been released across all major platforms, including PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S|X, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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