Top 3 nightclubs to buy in GTA Online (September 2021)

Pumping LS nightspots (Image via, courtesy of Rockstar After Hours DLC)
Pumping LS nightspots (Image via, courtesy of Rockstar After Hours DLC)
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GTA Online offers a variety of properties and locations where players can buy and set up different businesses and even further enhance them with style and extra security in some cases. For many players, this is the best way to showcase their charisma and flash some cash by utilizing all the upgrades the businesses have to offer.

Becoming a Motorcycle Club President, for example, gives GTA Online players the ability to buy a number of illicit businesses on the Open Road, the GTA Universe's "dark web." Whether it's forging documents or shipping illegal substances, MC businesses are a great source of income.

Alternatively, players can live a seemingly "clean" life as a legitimate owner of a real business, like an airport hangar, office building, or even a nightclub.

The three best nightspots in Los Santos in GTA Online

Picture from Rockstar's "After Hours DLC" from July (Image via
Picture from Rockstar's "After Hours DLC" from July (Image via

Which of all the sweet nightclubs in GTA Online is the right choice for you? Hopefully, this top 3 rundown will help.

1) Vespucci Canals Nightclub


The Vespucci Canals Nightclub is a clear choice when picking a nightclub to suit an active player lifestyle in GTA Online. Positioned close to the beach for fun days out, with access to and from with a jetski along the canals and being easily accessible by road, it is a great buy.

The Vespucci Canals Nightclub is also the 3rd cheapest of all the Nightclubs in the city, making it a much more affordable option at $1,320,000.

Tucked away and hidden behind buildings off the main road near the Vespucci canals, it starts by having a real "underground" appearance that players think is pretty cool. And nothing says cool like the exclusive Nightclub in GTA Online.

2) Strawberry Nightclub


For players who want to be smack bang in the middle of the city with all of the action in GTA Online, the Strawberry Nightclub is the most obvious one to buy.

Located under the bridge just across the aqueduct from one of the central Arcade locations, it is just a smart move to buy it when mainly operating in the city, especially if you own the adjacent Arcade. Also, it has a very reasonable price of $1,525,000, making it a good buy for a central spot.

3) West Vinewood Nightclub


Even though it is the most expensive Nightclub in GTA Online with a full price of $1,700,000, the West Vinewood Nightclub is still in a desirable location. It is close enough to the city but far enough from the hustle-and-bustle and crime of Downtown.

With Vinewood being based on the model of real-life Hollywood in Los Angeles, this is an affluent and cool part of Los Santos with no shortage of rick folk. Taste a slice of the high-life in the Vinewood Hills.

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