Top 5 cars for street races in GTA San Andreas

A list of top five cars in GTA San Andreas recommended for street races (Image via Sportskeeda)
A list of top five cars in GTA San Andreas recommended for street races (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA San Andreas remains a classic game that Grand Theft Auto fans cherish to this day.

Street races are one of the many activities available in the game. They require players to compete with other drivers on a set course. To succeed, players will need a car that is fast enough to leave their opponents in the dust.

Here's a look at the five best cars that GTA San Andreas players can use to compete in street races.

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Ranking the Banshee, Hotring Racer, and 3 other great cars to use in GTA San Andreas' Street Races

5) Turismo


The Turismo is a two-door sports car featured in GTA San Andreas. Its design is heavily inspired by the real-life Ferrari F40, with some elements taken from the 1971 Dodge Daytona prototype.

The vehicle is powered by a V6 engine with three carburetors, coupled to a five-speed gearbox in a mid-engine, all-wheel drivetrain. It is considered one of the best handlers and fastest cars in the game. Due to its AWD layout, it is less prone to oversteering while taking corners, making it ideal for racing.

Players can either import the Turismo from Easter Basin (San Fierro) for a cost of $76,000 or find it at night around The Strip.

4) Banshee


The Banshee is a two-door roadster in GTA San Andreas. Its appearance is quite similar to the real-life 1st generation Dodge Viper RT/10.

The vehicle runs on an engine that appears to be a carbureted V6, which is different from its engines in other GTA games. It boasts great acceleration, making it great for racing. It also has very responsive steering and is capable of fishtailing if players turn it at high speeds.

Players can randomly find the Banshee throughout the game. Players can get it automatically when they participate in the “SF to LV” race.

3) Bullet


The Bullet is a two-door sports coupe featured in GTA San Andreas. It is primarily inspired by the real-life 2005-2006 Ford GT, especially when it comes to its rear fascia.

The vehicle runs on a V6 engine that powers it in a rear-wheel drivetrain. It is the third-fastest car in the game, boasting impeccable handling, top speed, acceleration, and braking. Its sharp steering capability, even at high speeds, makes it one of the best choices for racing.

Players can find the vehicle randomly around The Strip, Las Venturas, and the Burger Shot parking lot.

2) Hotring Racer


The Hotring Racer is a two-door race car in GTA San Andreas. Three different versions of the vehicle are available in the game, all inspired by different real-life racing vehicles:

  • First variant – 9th generation Ford Thunderbird
  • Second variant – Buick Skyhawk and Chevrolet Cavalier
  • Third variant – 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass and Chevrolet Monte Carlo

All three variants run on a racing engine coupled to a five-speed gearbox in an RWD layout. Sharing the same characteristics, they are the second-fastest cars in the game, boasting rapid acceleration and amazing top speed.

Players can find these vehicles spawning randomly outside the Los Santos Forum parking area.

1) Infernus


The beloved Infernus is a two-door supercar featured in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Its design is based on the following real-life cars:

  • 1st generation Honda NSX
  • Cizeta-Moroder V16T
  • Lamborghini Diablo
  • Chevrolet Corvette Coupe Export Model

The vehicle runs on a five-speed gearbox in an all-wheel drivetrain. It is considered to be the fastest car in the game.

The car has incredible acceleration and top speed. While it suffers from understeering at times, it is still the best choice for street racing.

The Infernus can be found spawning randomly in Downtown Los Santos and around San Fierro.

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