Top 5 properties to own in GTA Online in 2022, ranked

High-end Properties can also be quite profitable in GTA Online. (Image via Rockstargames)
High-end properties can also be quite profitable in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

In GTA Online, players can carry out activities that they do in real-life - start their own business, make money, get around in their favorite vehicles. The in-game property listing has some of the best apartments that GTA$ can buy. The game, however, is all about business, so choosing a property must be equally profitable.

Going by the profits that players can make out of each property, here are the top five options that GTA Online gamers should purchase. This guide can quickly help them understand the best properties to invest in as they begin their online adventure, as it can get confusing with the many options in store.

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5 GTA properties that new players should buy in 2022

5) Biker Clubhouse


The Motorcycle Clubhouse is one of the many options for beginners to start investing in so they can get a passive income on the side. The property does not come cheap, but assuming beginners have enough saved up, this should be the first investment to be made, hands-down.

MC businesses can be a brilliant passive-income source, given the right ones are started once the property is purchased, upgraded, and set up well. Here's a complete guide on the best MC businesses to buy too, which beginners will find quite useful.

4) High-end apartment


To get started with playing heists, beginners will need a swanky new high-end apartment. As part of the Heists DLC that was released back in 2015, there were five heists that required multiple players to be completed, and hence, required a planning room which came along with these apartments.

Players require a heist planning room to start these missions, and these apartments give players exactly that, with all the requirements in place. Not much can be said about the other vital purposes these apartments serve.

3) Bunker


Bunkers are also a great passive-income source, released with the Gunrunning update. These are underground facilities and can be customized just like an MC business. The initial investment is quite high for a Bunker but it's worth it when it comes to the final profits earned through them.

These properties can be purchased from Maze Bank Foreclosures and let players start a gunrunning business and take part in seven new Bunker Adversary Modes. Gunrunning businesses also allow them to acquire a Mobile Operations Center that allows them to customize Oppressors among other vehicles.

2) Kosatka


The Kosatka submarine is essentially a vehicle, but can also be one of the most expensive properties players can purchase. It is required to plan the Cayo Perico Heist, and if done right, it can be one of the most profitable heists in GTA Online. Players can also spawn Dinghys free of charge from the interaction menu.

The initial investment is quite high as always, and the Kosatka is quite difficult to maneuver, but it's one of the best vehicles to fast-travel for a fee of $10,000. Apart from that, the submarine also has a sonar station as an optional upgrade that fetches players 10 hidden caches every day with GTA$ and RP.

1) Agency


The agency is the best property that players can buy at the moment. Released as part of The Contract DLC, a substantial investment that will allow them to go for a number of missions. They can also get access to Imani's Tech, which allows for additional vehicle upgrade options as well as a Missile Lock-On Jammer for certain vehicles.

Security contracts and payphone hit missions can be played for a higher payouts each time. Apart from all that, there's also an Armory where weapons can be upgraded to Mk-II versions, and personal quarters that can be purchased to be used as spawn points.

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