Well-known GTA streamers and YouTubers who played the randomizer mods

GTA streamers and YouTubers alike find a lot of fun with randomization (Image via nikitozz)
GTA streamers and YouTubers alike find a lot of fun with randomization (Image via nikitozz)

For GTA players who specialize in streaming, randomizer mods breathe new life into the overall gameplay.

Whether it's on Twitch or YouTube, several well-known names have tried out the randomizer mods. Rather than playing a regular version of GTA, these games change everything. With the use of scripts and plug-ins, the randomizer mods bring a new experience to every game.

Sometimes it can be harmless, like colorful rainbow patterns on vehicles. However, it can also be dangerous, such as hostile pedestrians and random weapons out of nowhere. Twitch streamers and YouTubers often look for a change of pace with the randomizer mods. Not one of them plays the game in the same way.

Well-known GTA streamers and YouTubers who use randomizer mods


Randomizer mods are meant to provide unpredictable gameplay. Players never know what to expect. Thanks to the modding community, several GTA titles have randomizer mods built in (such as Vice City and San Andreas). Many prominent GTA streamers and YouTubers have tried it out for themselves.

There are two variations of the randomizer mod. The basic one involves simple changes to the current game, such as traffic. Meanwhile, chaotic mods use random effects voted for by the chat. Many streamers and YouTubers have tried these out specifically for GTA 5.



He might not be everyone's cup of tea, but MrBeast commands over 20 million subscribers on YouTube alone. About a year ago, he noticed the recent trends with GTA 5 chaos mods, so he gave it a chance.

In the above video (which has over 33 million views), MrBeast streams alongside his friends. The GTA 5 chaos mods are always painful and miserable, which gives it entertainment value.

Whether a player is forced to go 50 mph before their vehicle blows up, or everybody is out to kill them, it's every man for themselves. The video only captures the main highlights, so there is never a dull moment.



This randomizer mod feels like a strange dream. With quick-time editing, it's one moment to the next in this fast-paced run. These ten minutes go by as RADAL deals with devious clowns, colorful objects, and overly stretched body parts. It's almost like a nightmare for GTA streamers.



Joshimuz is one of the most popular GTA streamers on Twitch, specifically for San Andreas. He spent almost six hours in the randomizer mod for GTA San Andreas. Everything is completely off-the-wall - dialog is switched, the wrong music plays, and character mods go in-and-out.

The missions are randomly placed, so Joshimuz can never predict what's next for him. Nonetheless, he seems to have a great time playing. By comparison, fellow GTA streamer Hugo One took almost double the time to complete this game. Joshimuz, however, did have luck on his side.



Nikitozz decided to test his skill by playing every single mission in GTA San Andreas, only with a randomizer mod. RIght away in the first mission, he went into first-person mode while in slow motion.

At one point, he even falls through the floor. Randomizer mods also make for hilarious visuals, such as Ryder escaping in a light green baggage handler. It's a short video, but the perfect introduction to the world of randomized mods.

Hugo One


Hugo One is another popular GTA streamer who tried his hands with the cheat randomizer mod. With almost 12 painful hours of gameplay, it was a very frustrating experience for him.

It takes a while to watch everything, so it's best to do it in short bursts. Whether it's a flying car during a chase sequence or Big Smoke turning into a traitor early, Hugo One never has time for rest.

The sheer unpredictability is what makes the entire stream worthwhile. Most of his viewers have watched the entire video. It's not an easy accomplishment for a nearly 12-hour long video, but Hugo One managed to do it.

Call Me Kevin


Call Me Kevin loves to play randomizer mods, especially for the GTA series. He decided to play GTA San Andreas with the rainbow mod. Several vehicles and clothing items will now change to different colors.

He didn't get too far into the first act of the game. However, it's still a psychedelic experience. The switched dialog makes it even better, especially with the non-sequitars. It's utterly bizarre to listen to.



The Australian-born streamer is currently one of the most popular GTA streamers in general. He has already played the GTA 5 chaos mods several times already. For once, DarkViperAU is enjoying himself.

Highlights include getting stuck behind a wall for several minutes, getting faked out by a death screen, and trying to survive a meteor shower. Chat never makes it easy for the GTA streamer.

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