Who leaked GTA 6? Everything to know about the alleged hacker so far

The situation is still getting investigated (Images via Sportskeeda)
The matter is still under investigation (Images via Sportskeeda)

Following the arrest of the hacker behind the recent GTA 6 leaks, authorities are making rapid progress with the investigation and are constantly confirming new connections and evidence which is further expected to shock many GTA fans in the days and weeks to come.

The actual arrest took place on September 22, so the investigation is still in its early stages, and authorities are in the midst of unraveling more details.

The teenage hacker is believed to be the mastermind behind the massive leak. Before any further official information is revealed, we will attempt to shed some light on the entire illegal operation.

This article looks to summarize everything fans need to know about the supposed hacker so far.

Note: This article reflects the writer's subjective opinion.

Everything GTA fans should know about the alleged hacker behind the massive GTA 6 leak

Where is this hacker from and how old is he?

The 17-year-old hacker was arrested on September 22 by the City of London Police in Oxfordshire, South East England. While his personal details have not been made public, his initials "A.K." have been confirmed by journalist Matthew Keys in his article on the incident, which he wrote for The Desk.

Although the initial tweet made by the City of London Police did not mention explicitly that the hacker was arrested because of the GTA 6 leak, Matthew Keys soon replied to this tweet by confirming that his sources have stated the hacker was allegedly behind the GTA 6 leak.

He added that this same hacker was also allegedly involved in the Uber cyber attack which occurred on September 15. Presently, the hacker remains in police custody.

The GTA 6 hacker may have been involved in many other cyber attacks

One major cyberattack that many sources allegedly suspect the Grand Theft Auto 6 hacker to be the mastermind behind is the Uber Technologies attack. In this hacking incident, a compromised Uber EXT account was used to get access to internal servers.

Later, the company revealed in a statement that the contractor's password was obtained after their personal device was infected with malware and sold on the dark web.

Matthew Keys further stated in his article that the arrest came after an investigation by federal law enforcement officers in the United States, who collaborated with their colleagues in the United Kingdom to identify A.K. as a suspect in both incidents.

Because of similar hacking methods used in both Rockstar Games and Uber cyberattacks, authorities suspect that the Grand Theft Auto 6 hacker was also allegedly involved in many hacking attacks on big tech companies like Cisco, Microsoft, Samsung, Nvidia, and Okta between last year and the beginning of 2022.

GTA 6 hacker had prior criminal charges and might be the leader of a hacking group called "Lapsus$."

In a recent tweet, Matthew Keys confirmed many people's suspicions by stating that the same hacker who was involved with Rockstar Games and Uber cyberattacks was charged for similar hacking attacks on Microsoft and Nvidia earlier this year.

He also confirmed that the teen hacker is associated with the infamous hacking group Lapsus$ who have been suspected to be involved in all of the previous cyberattacks that the Grand Theft Auto 6 hacker was allegedly involved in as well.

According to Kotaku, the gang first appeared in 2021, when they were involved in hacking Brazil's Ministry of Health. It was believed that the gang had ceased their operations, but earlier this month, they apparently resumed operations and attacked Uber and Rockstar Games.

These were some of the important highlights of the Grand Theft Auto 6's leak investigation. Readers should note that the investigation is still ongoing and more details will be revealed in the future.

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