Why GTA Online players should get Vysser Neo as Prize Ride

A brief about Vysser Neo which is available as a Prize Ride in GTA Online this week (Image via xignaceh on Reddit)
A brief about Vysser Neo, which is available as a Prize Ride in GTA Online this week (Image via xignaceh on Reddit)

GTA Online players have a golden opportunity once again to get a free vehicle for a Prize Ride.

This week, players can get a brand new Vysser Neo by winning a Pursuit Series Race for five consecutive days. It’s a two-seater civilian sports car that was featured in the game with the release of The Diamond Casino & Resort update. However, with so many other vehicles available at discounts this week, one could wonder if it’s worth the grind to get it.

With that being said, let’s learn everything about the Vysser Neo in GTA Online that players should know about.

Everything to know about Vysser Neo in GTA Online – Design, performance, and more


The Vysser Neo is a sports class vehicle in GTA Online that has taken design cues from various real-life cars for different body parts:

  • Spyker C8 Ailron – Overall supercar appearance
  • Maserati 3200 GT – Rear lights
  • 2015 VW XL Sport – Positioning of the rear lights
  • Maserati GranTurismo – Side skirts
  • Kahn Vengeance – Front grille, bumper, headlights, and hood

Its outer design comprises the following characteristics, giving it a more aerodynamic design than other Sports class vehicles in GTA Online:

Front body

  • Small black splitter
  • An open section in the center
  • Rounded mesh grille
  • Black vertical elements in front of the grille
  • Mesh side intakes
  • Black housing on the upper edges
  • Silver-framed circular headlamps
  • Modern LED-like light strips
  • Distinctive formations in the bonnet area
  • Dual mesh intake on the outer edges of the bonnet
  • The manufacturer's emblem in the center
  • Small luggage area in the compartment
  • Carbon-fiber windscreen base with a central wiper

Side body

  • Front fenders have distinctive formations
  • Curving formations towards the wheel arches
  • Various body lines above the skirting area
  • Black side skirts
  • Concave sections for small intakes
  • Silver badges with the vehicle’s name
  • Inset portions for the keyholes and the door handle
  • Scissor doors
  • A set of amber market lights

Greenhouse area

  • Black trim around the sunroof and the windows
  • Black B-pillars
  • Colored rear-view mirror shells
  • Dual support frames
  • Triangular rear-quarter windows
  • Large rear window
  • An impressed area in the boot compartment
  • Small lip spoiler

Rear body

  • Modern tail lamp strips
  • Mesh vents on a black section below the tail lamps
  • Dual exhaust tubes
  • Number plate
  • Square reverse lamps
  • Chrome diffuser
  • Manufacturer emblem below the tail lamp
  • Silver lettering embossed over the vented section
  • Carbon-plated underside

When it comes to performance, the Neo runs on a single-cam V8 engine mated to a 6-speed gearbox in an AWD layout. The car can normally be purchased from the Legendary Motorsport in-game website for a price of $1,875,000.

Is it worth getting the Vysser Neo in 2022?


Compared to other sports cars in GTA Online like the Itali GTO, the Vysser Neo excels in acceleration. This allows it to reach a staggering top speed of 125.75 mph (202.37 km/h) with a full performance upgrade in an instant. Due to its 4WD layout, it is very stable on uneven and rough roads.

Although the car suffers from underwhelming cornering, players can control the car with a little practice and even add a spoiler at Los Santos Customs and Auto Shops.

While Neo is not recommended as a separate purchase, being offered the Prize Ride is a delight for every car enthusiast and they should grab the car for free as soon as possible.

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