10 chill Minecraft servers to play in 2023

Minecraft servers that you can just chill on our some of the best (Image via Sportskeeda)
Minecraft servers that you can just chill on our some of the best (Image via Sportskeeda)

Popular since its release, Minecraft is renowned for its boundless ingenuity and distinct gameplay. There are a ton of awesome servers that cater to people who want to unwind and just have a good time. There is a server out there for everyone, regardless of whether they like roleplaying, creative building, or survival.

These ten awesome Minecraft servers are worth checking out this year. Have fun and just chill while playing them.

PurplePrison, The Seed, and more chill Minecraft servers to hang out on in 2023

1) PurplePrison

IP Address: purpleprison.net


PurplePrison is a Minecraft server with a prison theme that provides an incredibly distinctive gaming experience. The goal is to try and become the richest and most successful member of the prison. Players must advance through the ranks, face off against other inmates in fights, and gamble against each other.

PurplePrison boasts unique features, including item trade and an economy system. The server is resetting for the first time in three years, with its staff constantly polishing its structure. The community on PurplePrison is another reason why so many players stick around.

2) CraftLime

IP Address: mc.craftlime.net

CraftLime is a popular server (Image via Mojang)
CraftLime is a popular server (Image via Mojang)

Survival server CraftLime aims to create a laid-back and entertaining gaming environment. Players can take part in various events, battle others, and explore a range of biomes with the help of unique features and plugins. CraftLime wants to give gamers looking for a relaxing server a balanced and fun survival experience.

CraftLime is most popular for its amazing Towny experience, which is often servers that are renowned for having a nice and welcoming community. You can join their Minecraft Discord and interact with fellow gamers.

3) Roleplay Hub

IP Address: mc.roleplayhub.com

Roleplay Hub is a fantastic server for those who enjoy roleplay (Image via Mojang)
Roleplay Hub is a fantastic server for those who enjoy roleplay (Image via Mojang)

Roleplay Hub is an ideal place for a fun Minecraft roleplaying experience. Numerous roleplaying situations with school, fantasy, and contemporary themes are available on this site.

For those who want to put themselves in the shoes of their favorite characters and go on thrilling adventures, Roleplay Hub offers countless opportunities with its custom plugins that improve the mechanics of roleplaying and its committed community of roleplayers. The server is most popular for its roleplay on going through secondary school in Japan.

4) PokeWild Non-Modded Pixelmon

IP Address: play.pokewild.com


Fans of Pokemon and Minecraft shouldn't miss PokeWild Non-Modded Pixelmon. Featuring the ability to collect, train, and battle Pokémon in a Minecraft setting, it brings together the best aspects of both worlds. In an inviting and vibrant community, you can set out on an amazing journey to become the best Pokémon trainer ever.

The server requires no mods and remains quite easy to join. Face off against your friends' Pokemon and enjoy yourself on this great server. Coupled with that, the staff on PokeWild are incredibly active and constantly available for assistance.

5) ChillSMP

IP Address: pmc.chillsmp.org

ChillSMP is a top-of-the-line SMP server (Image via Mojang)
ChillSMP is a top-of-the-line SMP server (Image via Mojang)

ChillSMP, as its name implies, is a survival multiplayer server with an emphasis on fostering a laid-back atmosphere. Players can take pleasure in creating, exploring, and cooperating on the server thanks to its plugins and passionate community.

ChillSMP is the ideal spot to kick back and enjoy Minecraft, whether your goals are to build massive bases, participate in community activities, or just hang around with other players.

6) ImagineFun

IP Address: mc.imaginefun.net


On the ImagineFun server, users can realize their most imaginative dreams. With an endless supply of materials at your disposal, you can have a great time in these server's recreation of Disneyland. ImagineFun provides an entertaining and incredibly interactive experience.

Fans of Disneyland and theme parks will have an extremely fun time on the ImagineFun server.

7) The Seed

IP Address: theseedmc.com

The Seed has an extremely welcoming community (Image via Mojang)
The Seed has an extremely welcoming community (Image via Mojang)

The Seed server is the ideal option if you're sick of playing the same old survival game in Minecraft. It offers a specially created environment with distinctive dungeons, buildings, and biomes, making exploration a thrilling and fulfilling experience.

The Seed offers players of all skill levels a laid-back and entertaining experience with an active staff and friendly community. The server even has its own texture pack to distinguish itself from other old survival games.

8) Renatus Network

IP Address: mc.renatusnetwork.com

Renatus Network is a parkour server like no other (Image via Mojang)
Renatus Network is a parkour server like no other (Image via Mojang)

Renatus Network is a bunch of Minecraft servers that provide a range of game modes, such as battlegrounds, creative, survival, and parkour. It boasts everything you need to build, survive, and compete with other gamers. The server features a committed staff team and frequent upgrades.

Parkour is the most famous minigame on the server, as tons of different players spend countless hours making both easy and complex parkour courses. Those interested in Minecraft parkour should consider Renatus Network.

9) Peaceful Vanilla Club

IP Address: mc.peacefulvanilla.club


Peaceful Vanilla Club is ideal for anyone who wants to play Minecraft in a serene and tranquil environment. It provides a relaxing and fun environment that champions basic survival features.

This server provides the most basic version of Minecraft, with the fewest customizations and a community dedicated to preserving the peaceful nature of the game.

10) Poglords

IP Address: poglords.net


Poglords presents a distinctive gaming style that combines custom and survival concepts. With unique events and objectives, this server provides an engaging but difficult survival experience. On Poglords, you can explore dungeons, fight formidable monsters, and find rare treasures.

It features game modes, such as Survival and DreamSMP Remake, with OneBlockSkyblock and Lifesteal SMP coming soon. Players are encouraged to engage with new people while conquering the server.

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