5 best Minecraft 1.19 seeds for villages in October 2022

Villages can be found with seeds (Image via Mojang)
Villages can be found with seeds (Image via Mojang)

Villages are probably the best structure in all of Minecraft. They have solid loot, and they're the only place that villagers can spawn, hence the only place in the game where trades are possible. They have beds, which can be a difficult item to acquire at the very beginning of a new world. Villages also have houses (many of them empty) that can serve as exceptional starter homes.

Villages are also very common. The starter map Mojang gives players when they begin a new world usually has a village on it. Either way, one of the best ways to find a village is to get a seed that has one (if not multiple). Here are some of the best seeds for Minecraft version 1.19 that have villages.

Village seeds to try out right now for Minecraft 1.19

5) Seed: 2011597


(Timestamp: 0:00)

This seed has a couple of villages near spawn, which is always helpful. One of them is a plains village, which is the most common kind of village. Another one is a Taiga village, which is much rarer and admittedly more fun to find. The villagers look unique, and the biome is fun to spend time in.

The plains villages even have a blacksmith, which is a highly sought-after villager.

4) Seed: -7823325271188254506


This seed has the distinct advantage of having a village literally right beside spawn. Within 100 blocks is a sprawling plains village that has plenty of loot and villagers to go around. What makes it even better is that, within another 100 blocks or so from the village, there is a Pillager Outpost. This seed is perfect for farming raids and racking up emeralds.

3) Seed: -188063539057896812


(Timestamp: 0:48)

This seed also spawns Minecraft players right near the village, and it's tough to imagine a better starting point for any Minecraft world. The village is massive, but it's not the only one. Just a few hundred blocks away is another village, this time in the Savanna biome. In the opposite direction, a second plains village can be found. All of these villages are within 400-500 blocks of one another.

2) Seed: 4532591549973049180


(Timestamp: 0:32)

This seed is rare for a number of reasons. First, the Badlands is the rarest biome in the game, and it's one that many crafters agree is the best-looking. The spawn is near a Badlands biome, which automatically makes it a fun seed.

Badlands biomes do not have their own villages, but this village spawns so close to it that it almost counts. The generation is also very interesting since Badlands can't have villages but Minecraft deserts can.

1) Seed: -4043078723174909697

Pillager Outposts are also available in this world (Image via Mojang)
Pillager Outposts are also available in this world (Image via Mojang)

This seed happens to have multiple villages near spawn, which makes it very useful. These are the locations of the villages close to spawn:

  • Village 1: -400, y, 176
  • Village 2: 400, y, 272
  • Village 3: 800, y, 176
  • Village 4: 64, y, 720

The villages are in a variety of biomes and have different loot and villagers. When looking for a seed for villages, it's hard to top this one.

To top it all off, this seed also has a Pillager Outpost that can be found at 32, y, -496. Raids can be performed almost endlessly, resulting in a never-ending discount on trades.

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