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Deflate Gate Scandal: Just who did the deflated footballs favour?

1.89K   //    22 Jan 2015, 13:11 IST

Tom Brady in action
Tom Brady in action

Ok 3 days in and I have a grasp on the controversy... but a big question still needs to be answered: Just who did the deflated footballs favour?

The New England Patriots spanked the Indianapolis Colts in the NFL American Football Conference Championship game on Sunday Night. The game was played in the semi cold and in a rain storm which is not as unusual as anyone outside New England would imagine. The football game was a closely matched game in the first and second quarters. The half ended with a score of 7 to 14 New England's Patriots favor. New England's quarterback Tom Brady’s medium and long passes were off the mark all through the first 2 quarters accounting for the low score.

The second half of the game, the New England Patriots spanked the Indianapolis Colts. The Patriots walked all over the Colts with both an awesome running game aided by Brady’s usual pinpoint medium and long ball passing. The Colts were totally unable to compete on the ground or in the air against New England. The game ended with the Patriots totally dominating the Colts.

Then ‘Deflate Gate’ struck, New England was found to have 11 of their 12 footballs under inflated. Immediately the hue and cry started, New England had cheated to win the game, they were flagrant cheaters who could only win the big games by cheating and so on. For the last 3 days it was all any United States Sport Radio program and many national news and radio shows talked about: How New England won the game with under inflated footballs.

Then a funny thing happened; suddenly during the day word came out that the NFL had checked the footballs at half-time. They then re-inflated the under inflated footballs to 13 pounds each. So then what happened in the 2nd half of the football game? The Patriots finished off the Colts with Brady’s pinpoint passing even under heavy rain. 

So I waited the rest of Wednesday, the 21st of January for anybody else in the USA Sports Talk and news programs to ask this question: just who did the deflated footballs favour? Remember the deflated balls were found during half time when the score was 14 – 7 New England's favour and once the balls were re-inflated to 13 pounds the Patriots smacked the Colts. Makes one wonder (tongue in check) about who exactly the deflated footballs favoured.

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