AJ Brown-inspired fantasy football team names 2022

Philadelphia Eagles v Houston Texans
Philadelphia Eagles v Houston Texans

AJ Brown is without a doubt one of the top wide receivers in the NFL today. With the season at its midway point, many fantasy football managers are in a bind this week because four teams have byes.

However, the Philadelphia Eagles wideout remains a top fantasy pick. Brown is returning to form and assisting fantasy managers in accumulating a lot of fantasy points.


If you have Brown on your team, you could be doing well this season. But do you have a clever name that will make other competitors envious? If you haven't already, we're here to assist.

Here are the 30 best AJ Brown-inspired fantasy football names:

  • Browntosaurus
  • Brownie Points
  • Downtown A.J. Brown
  • Brownie Troop
  • An A.J. Brown Christmas
  • A.J. Brown’s Diner
  • What Can Brown Do For You?
  • A.J. Brown Note
  • A.J. Brown’s Diner
  • Get Brown in the Mud
  • Frostbitten Football
  • Cryo Me a River
  • AJ Brown Isn’t Working Out
  • Catch and Release Brown

  • AJ Everyday
  • The Unmasked Steeler
  • Pride Will Be Your Brownfall
  • Cornholio Brown
  • Don’t Take the Brown Acid
  • Turn that frown upside Brown
  • Brown Out
  • Brown Bagged It
  • The Brown Noise
  • Downtown Brown
  • Rolling Brownout
  • The Brown Notes
  • Dr. Browner’s Soaper Bowl
  • Browntown
  • The Real Eagle
  • Browns' Eagle Eye

AJ Brown Week 10 fantasy outlook

Philadelphia Eagles v Houston Texans
Philadelphia Eagles v Houston Texans

Brown is playing his fourth season in the NFL and his first with the Philadelphia Eagles. He has started in seven of the eight games this season and has recorded 43 receptions on 69 targets for 718 yards and scored six touchdowns.

In Week 9, the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Houston Texans 29-17. The Eagles have won their eighth straight game and are the only NFL team to remain unbeaten this season. In the last game, AJ Brown caught five balls for 59 yards and a touchdown.

The Eagles are looking strong and will be facing the Washington Commanders in Week 10. Brown, being the WR1 for the Eagles, will once again have a chance to score big next week. Teamed up with DeVonta Smith, Philadelphia's offense will likely wreak havoc on Washington. If Brown is on your fantasy roster, then you should definitely start him.

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