5 most popular mascot names in the NFL

New York Jets vs Buffalo Bills
New York Jets vs Buffalo Bills

NFL Gameday provides big hits, spectacular catches, tailgating and people dressed up as wild horses, birds, wolves, vikings and more... aka mascots!

Mascots add to the fun, excitement and big-event feel of an NFL gameday. Kids and adults alike love seeing their favorite team’s mascot running around the stadium.

Whether they're performing a crazy stunt or starting a fan chant, there’s something captivating about seeing someone clowning around in a large costume that you simply can’t take your eyes off.

Like NFL players, franchise mascots come in different shapes and sizes. Some are larger-than-life animals, while others sport large foam heads and outfits.

Not every team has a mascot in the NFL, though. The party poopers include the Green Bay Packers, Washington Football Team, Los Angeles Chargers, the New York Jets and Giants.

So which NFL mascots are the most popular? Well, that depends on which team you support.

Five NFL mascots with clever and famous names


#1 Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos mascot has a great name - Miles. The horse character that pumps up the home fans is named after the famous 'Mile High Stadium'.

The name also works because broncos can run for miles. It's easy to remember and easy to yell, which is great for the kids.

According to his official backstory, Miles was born on January 31, 1999, the same day the Broncos became Super Bowl champions for the second time at Hard Rock Stadium, Miami.

Miles made his first official appearance as the Broncos mascot in 2001, but a similar character was used at the 1995 Pro Bowl.

#2 New England Patriots

'Pat the Patriot' has to make the list. The name, his look, everything works so well for the New England Patriots' mascot, inspired by the 'Pat the Patriot' logo used by the team from 1960 to 1992.

Like the Denver Broncos mascot Miles, Pat was first seen at the 1995 Pro Bowl but didn’t become the team's official mascot until much later.

The mascot is depicted as an American revolutionary modeled on Paul Revere, the famous American historical figure.

#3 Philadephia Eagles

Carolina Panthers vs Philadelphia Eagles
Carolina Panthers vs Philadelphia Eagles

It’s not easy being a mascot in Philadelphia. This is the city that booed and threw snowballs at Santa Claus during an Eagles game.

'Swoop' the Eagle has won over Philadelphia Eagles fans and become one of the most popular mascots in the NFL. The name 'Swoop' fits perfectly, and he is known for his stunts during Eagles games, such as zip-lining across Lincoln Financial Field and parachuting into the stadium.

Swoop’s official bio states that it was born in Neshaminy State Park. Swoop was a bald eagle with poor eyesight and strength but a 'strong and true' heart.

It gained its humanoid appearance and size after a Philadelphia Eagles fan gave it a jersey that increased its strength, and its vision grew to match its heart.

#4 Dallas Cowboys

San Francisco 49ers vs Dallas Cowboys
San Francisco 49ers vs Dallas Cowboys

It’s fitting that the Dallas Cowboys mascot is called 'Rowdy', as the NFL's most lucrative team plays in front of some of the biggest sports crowds in the world. Rowdy (a large cowboy character) became the official mascot of the Cowboys in 1996.

Rowdy gets the crowd hyped by driving in on its four-wheeler, tossing t-shirts into the stands, using signs like "Let's Go Cowboys" and mocking the opponents. Not everyone loves Rowdy; in 2015, it was named the 'Most Hated NFL Mascot' by Sports Illustrated.

#5 Baltimore Ravens

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens
NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens' mascot, 'Poe', is aptly named after the famous local writer Edgar Allan Poe. Originally, there were three raven mascots - 'Edgar', 'Allan' and 'Poe'.

After the 2008 NFL season, Edgar and Allan retired, which left Poe as the only mascot. Poe specializes in high-fives, dancing and posing for selfies with Baltimore Ravens fans.

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