5 recently traded NFL players likely to make the biggest impact in 2022 season 

Seattle Seahawks v Chicago Bears
Seattle Seahawks v Chicago Bears
Rit Nanda

The 2022 season in the NFL will see some players pull on new jerseys for the first time. Trades have been completed and finalized in the hope that they will put their respective teams over the top. We have seen some big movements, but there are certain names that stand out for the 2022 season.

Let's look at five players we believe will make the most impact.

2022 season standout trades ranked

#5 - Khalil Mack, LB, Chicago Bears to Los Angeles Chargers

That Khalil Mack is a defensive beast is well-known. His stock may have fallen following his injury last season with the Chicago Bears, but he still registered six sacks in seven games before undergoing foot surgery.


The Los Angeles Chargers really needed to shore up their defense for the 2022 season. In a crowded AFC West with turbocharged offenses, defense might be the key to a playoff spot.

Joey Bosa could not take all the pressure on himself, so now Khalil Mack is there to partner him. They sent a 2022 second-round pick and a 2023 sixth-round pick to the Bears, but come the end of the season, it could look like a very shrewd piece of business indeed.

#4 - Matt Ryan, QB, Atlanta Falcons to Indianapolis Colts

Over the last two seasons, we have seen veteran quarterbacks come into good sides and guide their teams to glory. Tom Brady did so with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Matthew Stafford replicated it with the Los Angeles Rams. Matt Ryan and the Indianapolis Colts will be hoping to emulate them in the 2022 season.

Matt Ryan's MVP season was elite! Happy birthday to the new QB1 in Indianapolis. 🎉@M_Ryan02 | @Colts

Matt Ryan is a former league MVP and one of the best passers of the ball. He is ahead of reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers in passing yards, despite having joined the NFL after him.

He has left behind the dysfunctional Atlanta Falcons and is now on a team that is knocking on the door to the playoffs. Last season, they missed out in comical fashion, but Matt Ryan is a definite upgrade on Carson Wentz.

With a running back like Jonathan Taylor in the backfield, they will be certain contenders to top the AFC South. The 2022 third-round pick that they gave to the Falcons may just look like a pittance.

#3 - Davante Adams, WR, Green Bay Packers to Las Vegas Raiders

All offseason, there was talk over whether Aaron Rodgers would sign for the Green Bay Packers for the 2022 season. It was assumed that, once he did, it would lead to a resumption of the Davante Adams and Aaron Rodgers connection. Instead, Adams dropped a bombshell when he spurned the Packers and signed for the Las Vegas Raiders instead.


In the AFC West, every game promises to be a close one in the 2022 season. The Raiders' challengers have quarterbacks of the caliber of Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson and Justin Herbert. The difference in offensive capabilities in the division may come down to who has the best receivers, instead, as the quarterbacks cancel each other out. Derek Carr and Davante Adams have a connection already. They played together at Fresno State, and it could be enough to push the Raiders over the line.

#2 - Tyreek Hill, WR, Kansas City Chiefs to Miami Dolphins

Tyreek Hill is one of the best wide receivers in the league and was a critical component of the Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl. His speed is the stuff of legends, and he immediately adds a threat to any offense he becomes a part of.


The Miami Dolphins need all the best pieces in their offense if they are to challenge Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills, who have been consistently excellent over the past few seasons. The Miami Dolphins paid an absolute fortune to the Chiefs for Hill, losing their picks in the first two rounds in 2022, but he promises to take them to the next level.

#1 - Russell Wilson, QB, Seattle Seahawks to Denver Broncos

Without a doubt the most accomplished quarterback to be traded before the 2022 season, Russell Wilson brings a Super Bowl-winning mentality to the Denver Broncos. Last season, the Broncos were handicapped by their limitations at quarterback, and there was always the sense that having a better signal caller would make them a better team.

"I can see the @Broncos going 13-4 & people saying, 'Huh? Wow.'They've been a QB away from relevance for nearly half a decade.They've loaded up at just about every other position.Russell Wilson is a giant upgrade at QB & I think the results will be immediate." -@PSchrags

They have a good defense, a good running game and lots of exciting prospects as receivers. To compete in the AFC West, they needed an elite quarterback and now they have one.

The last time the Broncos brought in a future Hall-of-Famer with a Super Bowl ring, Peyton Manning set league records and led them to a Super Bowl. Their fans will more than gladly settle for a similar outcome this time around.

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