Are the Tennessee Titans Super Bowl contenders or pretenders?

Tennessee Titans in the Foreground v Detroit Lions
Tennessee Titans in the Foreground v Detroit Lions

The Tennessee Titans, like all other teams in the NFL, want to win the Lombardi Trophy. Unlike other teams, they think they might be in with a genuine chance. But how likely are they to go all the way and win the Super Bowl? Here we evaluate their chances and see if they have any legitimate claim to the throne.

How good are the Tennessee Titans on offense?

Ryan Tannehill is their starting quarterback. While not an elite quarterback, he is a good quarterback who can keep things ticking over if given the weapons.

That's where the blockbuster Julio Jones trade from the Atlanta Falcons comes into the picture. In the last decade, Julio Jones has led the field in his position. Last season, only AJ Brown had more than 100 targets for the Tennessee Titans. Meanwhile, Julio Jones has never seen a season with below 100 targets. Hence, it is easy to see how this trade improves the offense instantly, especially in the passing game.

The Tennessee Titans also have a superstar running back in Derrick Henry, who developed a good understanding with Ryan Tannehill last season and ran for 2000 yards. Taken altogether, their passing and running games seem in good order.

How good are the Tennessee Titans on defense?

The defense is where things start to look a bit less rosier for the Tennessee Titans. Last season, the pass rush was poor and the secondary did not defend much at all. This increased the pressure on the offense to perform.

Their ranking in the previous season made for grim reading: second to last in touchdown passes allowed, third to last in completions allowed, and fourth to last in passing yards allowed. No team can win the Super Bowl with that defense.

To be fair to the front office of the Tennessee Titans, they have tried to upgrade the defense. Kevin Johnson and Janoris Jenkins are solid cornerbacks who can improve this area. In the pass rush, much will depend on Bud Dupree coming back from injury and Denico Autry able to maintain a consistent output at his age.

Can the Tennessee Titans win the Super Bowl?

Based on a study of the offense and the defense, it is hard to see them win the Super Bowl. They should have enough on offense during the regular season to carry them against most teams. But in the playoffs, it is hard to see their defense successfully smothering the likes of the Kansas City Chiefs or the Buffalo Bills. Expect the Tennessee Titans to make the playoffs this time around, and no further.

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