Calvin Ridley 2021 Fantasy Football rankings, impact, Dynasty outlook and more

Atlanta Falcons v Dallas Cowboys
Atlanta Falcons v Dallas Cowboys
Ian Van Roy

The biggest winner of the Julio Jones trade is Calvin Ridley.

Over the last several seasons, he has had to share targets with one of the best wide receivers in the game. With Jones now out of the picture, the Atlanta Falcons offense will run through Calvin Ridley. Here's what Fantasy Football players need to know about Ridley going into 2021.

Where will Calvin Ridley be drafted in the regular 2021 Fantasy Football rankings?

Atlanta Falcons v Kansas City Chiefs
Atlanta Falcons v Kansas City Chiefs

Currently, Fantasy Football Calculator has Calvin Ridley ranked 23rd overall on the list. Other receivers ahead of Calvin Ridley are Stefon Diggs, Davante Adams, and Tyreek Hill.

However, if there is a choice between Ridley and Hill, it makes more sense to go with Ridley. Hill may be a slightly better player, but there are more weapons he has to share the field with.

Where will Calvin Ridley be drafted in Dynasty Leagues in 2021?

While Ridley was ranked only 23rd overall on Fantasy Football Calculator, he was ranked higher in Dynasty Leagues.

He was ranked 12th overall in Dynasty drafts. This is because Calvin Ridley is only 26 years old. Younger players are more valuable in Dynasty Leagues because they carry players over year to year. Therefore, younger players with more longevity tend to rank higher.

How well will Calvin Ridley perform solo without Jones in 2021?

With Julio Jones out, the entire passing offense will run through Calvin Ridley. Expect him to get the ball early and often. However, there is a downside to this situation.

When Julio Jones was on the team, he was able to open the field and spread out defenses, which made it easier for Ridley to get open. With Jones gone, the defense will be able to focus on Ridley more, which could hamper his play. Will the increased number of targets make up the difference?


Luckily, there was a preview of Calvin Ridley without Julio Jones last season when Jones missed four games towards the end.

Ridley was the main option for the Falcons during the stretch. In four games, Ridley earned over 100 yards in three games and had a touchdown in two games. Put simply, it seems that he will still be an effective receiver, even without Julio Jones.

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