Every NFL player Drake has named in his songs

Minnesota Vikings v Kansas City Chiefs
Minnesota Vikings v Kansas City Chiefs

Drake has released his new album, Certified Lover Boy. The buzz surrounding the perennial rapper has exploded even more, especially amongst the sports world. Drake is a massive fan of the NBA, but he has also been known to mention NFL players in his songs.

The release of the new album, came with the release of a new song and music video. "Laugh Now Cry Later feat. Lil Durk" features current Cleveland Browns receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and former running back Marshawn Lynch.

OBJ is seen throwing a pass at Drake, who seemingly runs one of the worst routes ever created, which is a running joke amongst the NFL world.

Which other players has Drake mentioned?

Johnny Manziel

Back in 2014, Jonny Manziel was the talk of the town. Cleveland drafted "Johnny Football," thinking that he would be their answer at quarterback. Drake wrote a song called "Draft Day" in which he mentioned Manziel.

"Draft day, Johnny Manziel/Five years later how am I the man still/Draft day,"

Of course, everyone knows that Johnny Manziel is not the man, as he has since been removed from the NFL for his erratic behavior.

Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr. is known to have a friendship with Drake, being that he has been cast as a quarterback in the above-mentioned music video. This isn't the first time that OBJ's name has been tied to the rapper.

Drake's song "Fake Love" refers to the insane one-handed catch that OBJ completed in 2014. The catch sent shockwaves across the league as being one of the best catches ever made. Even more impressive is that OBJ was a rookie at the time of the catch.

“No, you can't "son" me/You won't never get to run me/Just when sh*t look out of reach/I reach back like one, three/Like one, three, yeah”

The "one-three" lyric is a reference to OBJ's number, which he held while playing for the New York Giants.

Patrick Mahomes

Drake has more recently mentioned Patrick Mahomes in his "Lemon Pepper Freestyle." The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is as famous as they come, so it would make sense for Drake to find a way to throw a reference to who is currently trending.

"Patty Mahomes 'bout to fall short a couple hunnid,"

The reference may have been about the Chiefs losing the Super Bowl to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Mahomes made a note of the lyrics with a Twitter post.

Whether or not the publicity is bad or not, Drake making mention of any sort regarding sports figures, comes with their level of popularity at the time. Depending on how the 2021 season goes, there could be more NFL players being added to the rapper's lyrical repertoire.

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