“This is rigged” – Falcons' Super Bowl disaster vs Tom Brady ’s Patriots had Sixers' Joel Embiid fuming

Tom Brady
Tom Brady's miraculous comeback in Super Bowl LI had Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid a little bad and convinced that it was rigged

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots struggled during Super Bowl LI and it appeared that the Atlanta Falcons were en route to the Lobardi Trophy. But a miraculous comeback in the second half and then overtime led to Bill Belichick's team winning yet another Super Bowl title.

Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid was livid during the game, as he Tweeted that he believed that the game was rigged. His reasoning was because the Atlanta Falcons didn't run the clock down or run the ball at all to take more time off the clock.

"Wow I'm sorry but this is rigged.... Atlanta didn't burn the clock down, didn't run the ball at all. #Rigged"- via @JoelEmbiid
Wow I'm sorry but this is rigged.... Atlanta didn't burn the clock down, didn't run the ball at all. #Rigged

The clock management issues with the Atlanta Falcons did leave many scratching their heads.

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots were down 16 points with six minutes remaining in regulation. But giving the ball to one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game and not running the clock is a recipe for disaster as shown in Super Bowl LI.

Biggest comeback in Super Bowl history one of Tom Brady 's crowning achievements

Tom Brady may have won seven Super Bowl titles in his 23 year NFL career, but victory in Super Bowl LI sticks out to many fans. The Atlanta Falcons led the New England Patriots 21-3 at halftime. Brady and the Pats then did what no team had ever done before in Super Bowl history, come back from a double-digit deficit after two quarters.

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The Patriots' come-from-behind victory was the largest Super Bowl deficit that any team had overcome. With six minutes to go, the New England Patriots had two impressive drives that erased the 16 point deficit and forced overtime.


New England also went on to win the coin toss and were able to score and prevent the Atlanta Falcons from ever touching the ball in overtime.

The Falcons' blunder with clock management and the fall of their defense is also seen as one of Tom Brady's greatest achievements. Despite all the wins and accolades he has accumulated throughout his career, bringing his team back from a nearly impossible deficit is something fans still talk about. This will likely continue to be reveled in even after he officially retires from the game.

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