3 Reasons why Packers need to keep Aaron Rodgers beyond the 2021 season

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers
Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers
Adam Schultz

Heading into the new NFL season, Aaron Rodgers' future with the Green Bay Packers beyond this season is murky at best.

Last season, he led the entire league in touchdown passes, passer rating and won the NFL MVP award. It was one of the best years of Rodgers' NFL career.

Rodgers' future beyond the 2021/22 season is still shrouded in uncertainty, yet he is the franchise's most important player.

3 Reasons why the Packers need to keep Rodgers

#1 - He is one of the best players in the league

It is no secret that Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and is paid as such. His ability to make throws that other quarterbacks can't is what separates him from the rest.

His record last season was nothing short of incredible. He led the Packers to a 13-3 record while throwing for a league-high 48 touchdowns with just five interceptions.

Any franchise with a player of Rodgers' caliber needs to do everything it can to keep hold of him. With the 37-year-old under center, Green Bay is one of the most dangerous teams in the NFL.

# 2- Rodgers gives the Packers its best shot for another Super Bowl

Since Rodgers took over from Hall of Famer Brett Favre, the Packers have been one of the teams to beat not only in the NFC but the NFL as well.

Having a great signal-caller is critical to a team's success, and in Rodgers, Green Bay has one of the best. Losing him would undoubtedly end the long-running standard of making the playoffs and having a chance to win the Super Bowl.

If Rodgers did leave after this season, then Packers back-up Jordan Love would then take the reigns. Is he capable of leading the Packers to the playoffs? At this point, the answer is no, but that is not to say he couldn't either.

Despite his age, Rodgers still looks to have at least another couple of great seasons left in him and Green Bay will be hoping it is with them.

# 3- Rodgers leaving could create a mass player exodus

Having been with the Packers since 2005, Rodgers has made some long-lasting friendships. Most notable being wide receiver Randall Cobb.

But Rodgers also has a great relationship with another wide receiver in Devante Adams, who is regarded by many as the best receiver in the league. One can only imagine what the domino effect would be should Rodgers leave, and it could make Packers fans lose sleep.

In a worst-case scenario, if Rodgers were to leave the Packers, then it is feasible to think that a host of starters could follow suit with Adams likely to be right behind him heading out the door at Lambeau.

Losing your star quarterback and wide receiver is a real possibility at the end of next season. That is something the Packers would want to avoid at all costs.

While there is still a lot to play out in the 2021/22 NFL season, one storyline will continue to dominate the headlines: Where will Aaron Rodgers play in the 2022/23 NFL season?

Edited by Jay Lokegaonkar
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