Explained: How Aaron Rodgers versus the Green Bay Packers has divided the fanbase

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers
Ian Van Roy

Aaron Rodgers has been a divisive figure for most of his career. At first, there were arguments of whether he was better than Tom Brady. Next, there were arguments about whether Mike McCarthy was holding him back. Now Aaron Rodgers is engulfed in a battle with the Green Bay Packers.

In the first two arguments, Packers fans were largely in agreement with Aaron Rodgers. However, the current holdout from the reigning NFL MVP has split the fanbase. Here is how.

Aaron Rodgers' backers

On one side, there is a group of fans that have been in Aaron Rodgers' corner since 2008. They have valued him over every single entity in the Green Bay Packers organization since his first season as the starting quarterback. Their loyalty to Aaron Rodgers has continued in this latest confrontation.

According to Aaron Rodgers, the roster has been lacking for quite some time. Now, the entire front office needs to be rebuilt. The quarterback has had to play with a sub-par supporting cast for his entire career and his frustration has reached a boiling point. Some fans agree with him.

Green Bay Packers' backers

Meanwhile, the dysfunction being created by his absence has rubbed some Green Bay Packers fans the wrong way. In their opinion, he is placing himself above the team and needs to work through this momentary impasse as soon as possible. With each missed practice, the Green Bay Packers are falling behind the other teams in the NFL.

In their opinion, the Green Bay Packers need to hold strong and force Aaron Rodgers to stay in his lane. While they have agreed that the roster has been sub-par for most of the last decade and the coaching staff was lacking under Mike McCarthy, they think Aaron Rodgers has gone too far in his offseason antics.

Another sect of this group of fans feel that Aaron Rodgers should have already been traded after acting in this manner. The distractions are not worth enduring, even with the possibility of retaining the quarterback. The clock had already started ticking once general manager Brian Gutekunst drafted the successor to Aaron Rodgers.

They think the general manager was looking out for the team's long-term success and placed that above Aaron Rodgers. In their estimation, he was simply doing his job and Aaron Rodgers needs to realize his time is almost up with the Green Bay Packers whether he elects to retire with the team or not.

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