How can the Green Bay Packers still make the playoffs? Week 13 NFL Playoff Picture

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears
Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers celebrates after a successful two-point conversion against the Chicago Bears

The Green Bay Packers are still not expected to make it to the playoffs after defeating the Chicago Bears. The group is a considerable distance away from earning a wildcard spot.

The most straight forward path for the #Packers sneaking into the playoffs is Win out Giants either lose out or just beat the ColtsAND WAS beats NYG but goes 0-3 vs. CLE, SF, DAL all of which seems plausible. 6 seed possible if CAR beats SEA.

The NFC situation was made more challenging by the stalemate between the New York Giants and the Washington Commanders.

It is unfortunate that Green Bay's prospects of making the playoffs before their subsequent encounter against the Los Angeles Rams may worsen now that they will have a bye in Week 14.

The Green Bay Packers' 2022 campaign has been unsatisfactory so far. Injury problems, terrible coaching, and lousy preseason choices have all contributed to Green Bay's recent struggles. The year is still ongoing, so mathematically, Green Bay still has a chance to make the postseason.


Green Bay Packers' schedule for the rest of the regular season

Even if the Green Bay Packers' remaining schedule isn't the smoothest, they still have a chance to prevail. Finally, having a week off this week will allow them to improve their fitness.

The remaining Packers schedule includes the Rams, Dolphins, Vikings and Lions. Could very easily see wins against LA and Detroit. Even after today's win though, I'm not feeling too confident against Minnesota or Miami.

The Green Bay Packers' final four campaign contests are split between three home games and one away game. They will be at home when they play the Los Angeles Rams, Minnesota Vikings, and Detroit Lions. On Christmas Day, they travel to Miami to play the Dolphins.

Green Bay's chances of making the postseason are effectively eliminated with a defeat or a draw in any of their next games. Green Bay can only control one thing: winning four of their last four games.

The Packers have a slim chance of making the playoffs at 5-8. They have no chance of winning the NFC North with the Minnesota Vikings at 10-2. They must squeak into the Wildcard Spot to even have a shot at making the NFC Playoffs.

Although Green Bay defeated the Chicago Bears, other outcomes weren't quite in the franchise's favor. The franchises in front of the Packers all avoided defeat.

The two teams in front of Green Bay in playoff contention, the Washington Commanders and the New York Giants, drew.

Per FiveThirtyEight, the only Commanders-Giants outcome that would REDUCE the Packers playoff odds was a tie. … the game ends a tie.

The Detroit Lions defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars, maintaining their lead. The Seattle Seahawks defeated the Los Angeles Rams to reclaim a postseason berth.

Green Bay will need those franchises to lose while they are on their bye week to keep the gap from widening too much.

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