How many black head coaches are there in the NFL?

Pittsburgh Steelers HC Mike Tomlin
Pittsburgh Steelers HC Mike Tomlin
Walter Sharp
Modified 01 Mar 2021

The NFL currently has three head coaches that are of African American origin. Mike Tomlin, Brian Flores and David Culley are the three NFL coaches. All three have had very successful careers while coaching in the NFL.

There were a ton of quality African American coaches that were snubbed when it came to landing a head coaching job. One in particular is Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bienemy. Bienemy not landing a head coaching job is highway robbery.

Brian Flores has proven to be an elite head coach in his short time with the Miami Dolphins. Flores is turning around the Dolphins more than anyone expected him to. The Dolphins hit a home run by naming Brian Flores their head football coach.

Let us take a look at the head coaching careers of Mike Tomlin, Brian Flores, and David Culley.

NFL Head Coach Brian Flores (Miami Dolphins)

Miami Dolphins HC Brian Flores
Miami Dolphins HC Brian Flores

The Miami Dolphins hired head coach Brian Flores during the 2019 NFL off-season. In Brian Flores' first year with the Miami Dolphins, he recorded a (5-11) record. The turn around that Flores has done in Miami has been nothing less than amazing.

Miami went from a (5-11) season to falling one game short of making the NFL playoffs. Brian Flores led the Dolphins to a (10-6) record and it doesn't feel like they are done. If there is one team that could be Super Bowl contenders in the next three years, it's the Miami Dolphins.

NFL Head Coach David Culley (Houston Texans)

Houston Texans HC David Culley
Houston Texans HC David Culley

David Culley is one NFL head coach who was heading into an uphill climb when he accepted the Texans job. Culley accepted the job thinking that Deshaun Watson would be his starting quarterback. Unfortunately, it does not look like Culley will get the opportunity to coach Watson.

He walked into a situation that he may not be able to succeed in. The Houston Texans are set for one of the biggest rebuilds in NFL history. They have lost star defensive end J.J. Watt and are most likely trading away franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson.

NFL Head Coach Mike Tomlin (Pittsburgh Steelers)

Pittsburgh Steelers HC Mike Tomlin
Pittsburgh Steelers HC Mike Tomlin

It's only fitting to save the best for last and that is where Mike Tomlin stands in the NFL. He has grown to be one of the best head coaches on and off the field in the NFL. Tomlin has not recorded a losing season in 14 years as the Pittsburgh Steelers' head coach.

Mike Tomlin led the Pittsburgh Steelers to the Super Bowl in 2008 where they defeated the Arizona Cardinals. Tomlin spent a year with the Minnesota Vikings as their defensive coordinator before landing the Steelers job. Mike Tomlin has put together a great 14 years with the Steelers, accomplishing an overall record of (145-78-1).

Published 01 Mar 2021
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