Does Cam Newton deserve another chance in the NFL after the Panthers' failure?

Carolina Panthers v Buffalo Bills
Carolina Panthers v Buffalo Bills
Stacey G Mickles

When quarterback Cam Newton returned to the Carolina Panthers, many NFL experts thought he could save the franchise. The Panthers started the season undefeated and led the NFC South.

But a loss to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 6 of the season ended their winning streak. And it turned into a downward spiral that they haven't been able to recover from since then.

Enter former NFL MVP Cam Newton back into the fold in Carolina. After his first win, it looked like Cam Newton was about to make a comeback for the ages.

Now entering the final two weeks of the season, the Panthers are out of the playoff picture, after losing 5 straight.

Cam Newton has looked like a shell of his former self, throwing for only 684 yards, 4 touchdowns and 5 interceptions, which leads to the question: Does Newton deserve another shot in the NFL?

If you check his stats, the answer is easily no. This is Newton's third shot in the league, and it might be time to call it a career.

What has played a role in Newton's downfall has been injuries and ego. When he was with the New England Patriots, he had a legitiment shot at becoming the starting quarterback again there.

However, he had a set back when he had to sit out for a few days during training camp because of NFL COVID-19 protocols. Many feel that all but killed his chances of starting again for the Patriots.

That opened the door for rookie Mac Jones, who has had a pretty good rookie season. Newton was also cut after Jones was named the starting quarterback.

Newton sat out the first few games of the season before finally being called back by the Panthers to be their starting QB.

Although he is only in his early 30s, the game may have taken its toll on Cam Newton. Coming out of Aubun, Newton was not only a good runner, but he was a good passer, too.

But he's not even close to that any more, and he, more than likely, won't be the starter for the Panthers next year either. As the years have gone by, Newton seems to rely more on his legs than arms.

And even they are starting to fail him now. Cam Newton may still be in the NFL next year, but more than likely, it will be as a backup.

The question remains, is he willing to take a backup role? History says probably not.

Cam Newton was my favorite player during my 4 year NFL stint. He is one of the greatest football players, at every level, the game has ever seen. But if you don’t think he should retire, you are his enemy. He’s tarnishing his legacy.

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