NFL Rumors: Is Jimmy Garoppolo the right fit for Packers to replace Aaron Rodgers in 2022?

Jimmy Garoppolo and Aaron Rodgers shaking hands
Jimmy Garoppolo and Aaron Rodgers shaking hands
Nick Goodling

Jimmy Garoppolo has started both of the San Fransisco 49ers games in 2021 thus far. The 29-year-old Garoppolo played well in their Week 1 victory, recording 314 passing yards. In Week 2, the Niners were victorious again, but Garoppolo played more conservatively. Despite this, he can't shake the monkey on his back, rookie Trey Lance.

The situation mirrored when Jimmy Garoppolo was the Patriots succession plan behind Tom Brady in New England. Another quarterback in Garoppolo's shoes is Aaron Rodgers. The 49ers face Rodgers and the Packers in Week 3. Jimmy Garoppolo revealed Tuesday he may seek out guidance from Rodgers, who has had Jordan Love backing him up since 2020.

Jimmy Garoppolo may seek out guidance from a legend on how to deal with an uncertain future. ๐Ÿ‘€

Jimmy Garoppolo has a good relationship with Aaron Rodgers

Garoppolo went on The Rich Eisen Show this week and the topic of his future came up. Eisen is a hard-hitting podcast host who asked him what he wants for his future and if he knows where it'll take him. To Garoppolo's credit, he was prepared for the question.

"I don't know. To be completely honest, I haven't thought that far ahead yet. It's one of those things that I'm still tied up with the season and everything that we've got going on," said Garoppolo.
"If I repeat what Aaron did last year, I would love to do that. That guy โ€” MVP โ€“ speaks for itself. The dude had a hell of a year, though. If I could replicate anything similar to that, I'd be thrilled with it."

Jimmy Garoppolo is locked in and focused solely on 2021. The 49ers are Super Bowl contenders and he's the starting quarterback. He knows if he plays poorly, Lance could send him to the bench. Winning MVP isn't on the table for Garoppolo, but he can show he's a winning quarterback.

Ultimately, he wants to make the best of the situation he's in now.

"This league's a crazy thing," Garoppolo added. "We've all got our own story and just got to make the best of your situation."

Could Garoppolo find himself in Green Bay next year?

Jimmy Garoppolo is on the 49ers payroll in 2022. But the 49ers can get out of it and only suffer a $1.4 million dead cap hit. They may find a trade partner after this season and let Lance be the starter. The main reason Lance isn't starting is that he only started 19 career games in college. Plus, Garoppolo has been accurate and efficient this season.

Highest on-target throw % in NFL:1. Mac Jones 90.9%
2. Baker Mayfield 89.6%
3. Jimmy Garoppolo 88.5%*min 45 attempts

The Packers are entering a likely divorce with Rodgers after 2021. Rodgers tried to force his way out during the offseason, but the Packers planted their feet in the ground on the issue. At some point, the Packers will have to give Love the keys to the offense. That's the biggest obstacle in Garoppolo being a member of the Packers in 2022.

Free agency in 2022 will be a must-see spectacle to find out where both quarterbacks end up. For the time being though, they're going to try to lead their respective teams back to the Super Bowl โ€“ as well as earning a win over each other on Sunday Night Football in Week 3.

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