Is Miami Dolphins WR Will Fuller going to play this season?

<a href='' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer'>Will Fuller</a> of the Houston Texans playing against his current team Miami Dolphins
Will Fuller of the Houston Texans playing against his current team Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Will Fuller will not play against the Buffalo Bills this weekend. While he missed the first game against the New England Patriots through suspension, his current unavailability stems from a personal issue.

Venturing a guess as to what that might be is a foolhardy venture, but the hope is that Fuller overcomes those issues soon. Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores has confirmed that Will Fuller, who also missed practice on Friday, has his full support.

Here’s everything Brian Flores said about Will Fuller this morning (via the Dolphins)

Will Fuller's chances of playing this season

Will Fuller was signed by the Miami Dolphins this season to be a key part of their offense. He was given a year-long deal worth $10 million. The Miami Dolphins had high hopes for Fuller given his output during his first five years with the Houston Texans. During that time, he caught 209 passes for 3,110 yards, yielding 24 touchdowns in 53 games.

In Miami, he was supposed to be a surefire starter, and him being unavailable will certainly impact the team. But as Brian Flores noted, Will Fuller was unavailable during their first game too, and other players stepped up as they beat the New England Patriots 17-16. There is no doubt, though, that they would prefer if he were to return sooner rather than later.

Will Fuller will not practice today and will not play Sunday due to a personal issue, Brian Flores says. Flores declines to say if he believes Fuller will return to the team this season.

When pressed further, Brian Flores declined to comment on whether Will Fuller will play this season. He went on to note that they are taking this one game at a time. Clearly, this is a very challenging time for Fuller and the timeline for his return is not quite set in stone.

It also brings to light a little fan problem the NFL has faced when it comes to player unavailability. Earlier this month, San Francisco 49ers star Raheem Mostert received a ton of abuse after reports claimed he was scheduled to have a knee surgery that would keep him out for the season.

There's certainly a discussion to be had in these terms. Whether it comes sooner rather than later remains to be seen. For now, the hope is that Will Fuller will be back on the field in due time. When he does, he will have the full support of Dolphins fans as they look to build on last season.

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