Is former Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Michael Oher still playing football?

Tennessee Titans v Atlanta Falcons
Tennessee Titans v Atlanta Falcons

Former footballer Michael Oher's NFL journey has been extremely inspiring. Before his NFL career, he had to go through a lot of struggles and adversity. These were depicted in a 2006 novel by Michael Lewis entitled The Blind Side: Evolution Of A Game.

The novel depicted Oher's life so well that a need to direct a movie was felt. In 2009, an inspirational sports drama hit theaters depicting the story of a teenage Michael Oher and how he became a successful NFL player. But what is Oher doing now?

A Tennessee mother (Leigh Anne Tuohy) and her family adopted the 17-year-old Michael Oher, a homeless teenager. She saw the talent in him and nurtured his ability to play football, which got him a seat at the University of Mississippi for Ole Miss.


In his college football career, Oher played as a lineman and in his first year earned the First Team Freshman All-American. He achieved the First Team All-Sec, concluding his junior year. In his final year, he was voted as the First Team All-American.

Oher had a successful college football career and graduated with a Criminal Justice Degree in 2009. That year, the Baltimore Ravens drafted Michael Oher as the 23rd pick in the first round of the (2009) NFL draft. He stayed with the Ravens for five years and, in February 2013, won the Super Bowl against the Colin Kaepernick-led San Francisco 49ers.

In 2014, Oher played for the Tennessee Titans for a year before switching to the Carolina Panthers for the next two campaigns. In February 2016, he and the Panthers had another chance for a Super Bowl win but were defeated by the Denver Broncos 24-10.

In 2016, Oher started only three games due to injuries and was later released by the Panthers, which saw the end of his NFL career.

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Where is Michael Oher now?

Minnesota Vikings v Baltimore Ravens
Minnesota Vikings v Baltimore Ravens

Michael Oher had a difficult childhood until his foster mother took him in and helped him realize his potential. Since his retirement, Oher has been helping kids achieve their dreams through his organization, Beat The Odds.


He has also created a Good Deeds app that allows users to provide essentials to people who are struggling. He created the app when Nashville was struck by tornadoes in 2020.

Oher spends a lot of his time working with foster homes and wants to create a difference by helping people. A little aid can do wonders, and who better than Oher understands that?

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