Jets’ chances to make playoffs: Did Zach Wilson-orchestrated 30-6 win turn the tide for Aaron Rodgers?

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns
Jets’ chances to make playoffs: Did Zach Wilson-orchestrated 30-6 win turn the tide for Aaron Rodgers

Zach Wilson might just have kept the Jets' playoff chances alive, allowing Aaron Rodgers to potentially return this season if they still have the chance to make the postseason. The veteran quarterback has previously said that if the doctors give the go-ahead, he will look to return if the Jets are still in contention to play beyond the regular season.

For much of this year, it has looked as if the New York Jets will miss the playoffs. But after winning 30-6 against the Houston Texans, suddenly they might be in contention, but it will be a tall order. Here, we look at what are their chances of making it to the postseason.

What are the Jets' chances of making the playoffs heading into Week 15?

Put simply, the Jets' chances of playing beyond the regular season are still slim. They are 5-8 and they are not going to win their AFC East division. With just four games left, the Miami Dolphins are already at 9-4. Therefore, any pathway would involve going through the Wild Card scenario.

Currently, the top seven teams make it to the playoffs from each conference. The Jets are ranked 14th after their win against the Houston Texans. The victory also did them a favor as they closed the gap with another potential playoff aspirant.

Assuming the Jets win all their remaining games, they will end the season with a 9-8 record. Currently, the Wildcard spots are occupied by the Cleveland Browns (8-5), Pittsburgh Steelers (7-6) and the Indianapolis Colts (7-6). The Houston Texans, Denver Broncos, Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills also have the same record as the Steelers and the Colts. At 5-8, the Jets are joined by the Chargers, Raiders and Titans.

The Steelers and the Colts play each other, meaning one of them will lose a game unless it's a tie. After that Pittsburgh faces Bengals, Seahawks and Ravens. They could end up losing them all. The Colts face the Falcons, Raiders and Texans to end the season and they could potentially lose at least two of them.

The Texans play the Titans twice, who are coming off hot after their comeback win against the Dolphins and the Browns and Colts are no pushovers. The Broncos face the Lions and could lose that game and divisional matchup against the Chargers and the Raiders will be tough too, and a Patriots team that beat the Steelers this week could yet spring a surprise.

The Bengals play the Vikings, Steelers, Chiefs and Browns, all of whom are in the playoff spots and they could struggle to win these games. The Bills, meanwhile, have a tough upcoming game against the Cowboys, followed by the Chargers, Patriots and Dolphins and could lose more than they win this sequence.

Therefore, if New York wins all of their remaining games, they have a chance of making the playoffs as the other teams above them could slip up and will for teams that are playing each other.

Projecting wins and losses from rest of Jets schedule

For any of that to come true, the Jets themselves must keep their end of the bargain and win their remaining games. They face the Miami Dolphins next week, followed by the Washington Commanders, Cleveland Browns and New England Patriots.

They are lucky that they will play the Dolphins this coming week. With Tyreek Hill's injury still potentially a concern and Miami still dealing with the psychological scars of the meltdown against the Titans, they could be eminently beatable. If Zach Wilson can achieve that, he can hand the reins over to Aaron Rodgers on a winning note who is targeting a return on Christmas eve against Washington.

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Even if that does not end up happening, the Commanders are 4-9 and New York should be able to pull this through. If they then face the Browns with their starter Deshaun Watson out but Aaron Rodgers back in, they could have the psychological edge to pull out a victory there. Do that and they place the worst AFC team in the Patriots to book their postseason ticket if all other results go their way. It is still a tall order but stranger things have happened in the NFL.

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