Joe Burrow's girlfriend teaches Brittany Matthews a lesson in humility 

Olivia Holzmacher with QB Joe Burrow
Olivia Holzmacher with QB Joe Burrow

Olivia Holzmacher, the girlfriend of Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, celebrated as the Bengals defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 27-24 to reach their third Super Bowl. What might stand out is the fact that she doesn't stand out.

She is simply enjoying the game without making a scene which is a stark contrast from the previous week's celebration from Brittany Matthews, the fiancé of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

After Kansas City defeated the Buffalo Bills in last week's Divisional Round, Matthews sprayed fans inside Arrowhead with champagne.

When Joe Burrow met Olivia Holzmacher

Olivia Holzmacher with Burrow at Ohio State
Olivia Holzmacher with Burrow at Ohio State

The couple's first Instagram post came back in 2017, when the quarterback was transferring from Ohio State.

Holzmacher is an alumnus of Ohio State and has been with the quarterback even as he left Ohio State to go to LSU to become a starter. Their lives are well documented for the (almost) 45,000 followers on her Instagram page.

She was born in Mason, Ohio, about a half-hour from Cincinnati, where her boyfriend is the starting quarterback for the Bengals. At Ohio State, they both majored in the same subject: Data Analytics.

Burrow ended up playing football, but Holzmacher stayed in school until she was finished with her major.

Holzmacher is currently in Cincinnati, working as a senior process specialist and analyst for the Kruger Company. According to her LinkedIn page, Olivia was a supervisor at a gym in Ohio.

She has been there for many big moments in his football career. Here they are after LSU won the national championship back in 2019.

Here she is with him after winning the Heisman Trophy:

Holzmacher shared a post about his entrance into the NFL and being a part of his football journey.

She traveled to see him play in Week 11 versus the Las Vegas Raiders. He went 20 of 29 for 148 yards and a touchdown as the Bengals won 32-13 at Allegiant Stadium.

She and some fans saw Burrow play in his first-ever playoffs as Cincinnati quarterback at Paul Brown Stadium versus the Raiders.

As you can see, she has always been there for Burrow and looks to be quite the opposite of Matthews in terms of celebrity and celebration.

One thing is for sure and that is she'll be there to cheer for Joe and the Bengals in the Super Bowl versus the Los Angeles Rams.

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