Lowest-scoring Super Bowls of all time: Bill Belichick destroys Sean McVay and Rams

Super Bowl LIII - New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams
Super Bowl LIII: New England Patriots vs. Los Angeles Rams

NFL Super Bowls are a showpiece event. Two of the best teams on the planet going toe-to-toe with the entire world watching. With so much riding on the result and legacies on the line, players can sometimes tighten up.

While fans want the high-scoring games, sometimes the football script doesn't always go the way they want. Sometimes they are snoozefests.

Who are the favorites for the Super Bowl?

So, what are the top five lowest-scoring Super Bowls of all-time? Luckily, we have you covered.

Let's get to it.

#5, Super Bowl VI: Dallas Cowboys vs. Miam Dolphins, 27 combined points

This was the Cowboys' first Super Bowl. The 24-3 win was a defensive masterclass. After allowing a field goal in the second quarter, the Dallas defense clamped down on Bob Griese's offense to allow just two third-down conversions.

51 years ago today, the Dallas Cowboys won Super Bowl 6 crushing the Miami Dolphins. It was their first of five in franchise history.

Dallas legend Roger Staubach completed 12 of his 19 passes for 119 yards and tow touchdowns. Running back Duane Thomas was a force, totaling 95 rushing yards and a touchdown from his 19 carries.

#4, Super Bowl III: New York Jets vs. the Baltimore Colts, 23 combined points

An upset if there ever was one. The Colts, under Don Shula, posted a 13-1 record in the regular season, but ran into Joe Namath and the 11-3 Jets. The 16-7 win for the Jets was called the biggest upset ever at the time.

January 12, 1969Super Bowl IIINY Jets 16Baltimore 7Orange BowlJoe Namath 17-28-206-0-0Matt Snell 30-121-1, 4-40George Sauer 8-133Jim Turner 3 FGsJets D 4 Ints#TakeFlight #Jetshistory#fortheshoe #Jets #Colts#SuperBowlChamps…

Namath won the MVP after completing 17 of his 28 passes for 206 yards. The Colts were undone by a combined four interceptions from Johnny Unitas and Earl Morrall.

#3, Super Bowl IX: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. the Minnesota Vikings, 22 combined points

This was the Steelers' first-ever Championship win and it was built off the back of a superb defensive performance. They held the Vikings to just six points, which came in the fourth quarter.

Super Bowl 9 - Minnesota Vikings vs Pittsburgh Steelers#ThrowbackThursday

Legendary fullback Franco Harris won the MVP for his 158 rushing yards and a touchdown from his whopping 34 carries. Fran Tarkenton threw three interceptions and completed just 11 passes.

#2, Super Bowl VII: Miami Dolphins vs. Washington Redkins, 21 combined points

The famous undefeated season from Don Shula's Miami Dolphins culminated in a 14-7 win over the Washington Redkins. Washington's quarterback, Billy Kilmer, threw three interceptions and had a rating of just 19.3.

40. Super Bowl VIIMIA 14-WSH 7The Dolphins defense needed everything they had to finish off the perfect season. They put on a show only allowing 7 points vs Washington to give Miami the first, and to date only, perfect season in the Super Bowl era

The Miami defense was the reason that, to this day, they remain the only team to ever go through an entire season undefeated and win the Super Bowl.

#1, Super Bowl LIII: New England Patriots vs. the Los Angeles Rams, 16 combined points

The most dour Super Bowl, perhaps ever. The 13-3 defensive masterclass from the Patriots against the Rams did not make for good viewing. Tom Brady connected with Rob Gronkowski for what would be the game-deciding touchdown.


Patriots receiver Julian Edelman won the MVP for his 10-catch, 141-yard game. Combined, there were just six third-down conversions out of 25 as the game will not be remembered for long.

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