Marshawn Lynch has NFL fans laughing after dropping F-bomb on Manningcast during Seahawks vs Saints 

Former Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch
Former Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch
Nick Goodling

Former Seattle Seahawks legend Marshawn Lynch is one of the funniest and laid-back NFL players of his generation. He's also a tremendous quote. He's given us memorable quotes such as, "I'm just here so I won't get fined."

In the Manningcast during Monday Night Football, Marshawn Lynch was the Manning brothers' first of four guests. He turned out to be the most controversial guest, as he dropped an f-bomb on a play.

The Manning brothers were caught off guard by Lynch's f-bomb. But social media instantly showed their appreciation for Lynch's commentary. Some people on Twitter were even asking Lynch to be brought back to the Manningcast in the future.

Marshawn Lynch dropping an f-bomb during Manningcast has NFL fans laughing

Marshawn Lynch dropped an F-bomb on air with Peyton and Eli 😅(via @Clong03)

Marshawn Lynch's f-bomb was dropped on the final play of the first quarter when the clock expired on the Seahawks. Lynch caught himself after he said it and realized he had slipped up by covering his mouth.

Both himself and the Manning brothers were in shock.

The number one rule in television is that you can't say the f-word. But the Manning brothers have survived Eli Manning giving double middle fingers to the TV, so they're no strangers to pushing the limit.

But this isn't the first time Lynch had swore during the broadcast. He said "shit" three times and even brought up Papa John. It's the same Papa John that used to be business partners with Peyton Manning.

Marshawn Lynch Manning Cast Stats:-3 Shits-1 F Bomb-1 mention of Papa JohnFirst ballot hall of fame broadcaster

NFL fans appreciated Lynch's authenticity and enjoyed his commentary. He had fun chemistry with both brothers and has been the most memorable guest the Manning's have had on their broadcast this season.

Marshawn Lynch was a highlight in an un-inspired football game.

The New Orleans Saints and Seahawks played in an unspectacular game. The final score was 13-10, with the Saints getting the win.

But the Seahawks were hellbent on rushing the ball 23 times with their top three running backs, even though they only earned 61 yards.

That's why Marshawn Lynch was such a delightful guest, as he spiced it up the telecast. Tom Brady was a second-quarter guest, and he also had outstanding chemistry with the Mannings.

Second-half guests WNBA legend Sue Bird and Drew Brees were also good in their roles. But no one stole the spotlight quite like Lynch.

Marshawn Lynch just logged onto national television with a sideways camera, while eating a snack, said "what's up big dogs" and then told them he took three shots of Hennessy before the game.Beast Mode is a national treasure

The Mannings have yet to have a repeat guest, but Lynch should be in consideration to be the first. He was the star of the night and left a big impression on audiences.

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