More ayahuasca for Aaron Rodgers? Mortal Kombat’s Mehcad Brooks reveals Jets star hosted retreat in Costa Rica days before trade

Aaron Rodgers used ayahuasca before Jets trade
Aaron Rodgers used ayahuasca before Jets trade

Aaron Rodgers was living in complete peace and enjoying his time away from the stress of the NFL world, while the rest of the league tried to figure out when a deal between the New York Jets and the Green Bay Packers would be made for the quarterback's services.

An Instagram post by Mehcad Brooks, the actor who took on the role of Jax in the 2021's movie Mortal Kombat, revealed that the quarterback hosted a retreat in Costa Rica where a group of friends consumed ayahuasca, a substance that has been associated with the quarterback after he was publicly confirmed to be a consumer.

Gravity is the most powerful and ubiquitous force in the universe. Not only did it pull primordial matter together at the beginning of time it is also the reason you can find centering in the great stillness of present awareness. That feeling of “grounding” we feel when we meditate, sit in humility or in breath work is a primordial connection to the most profound and constant force in the universe, #gravity. Gravity is what pulls us back to the healing, back to the medicine of #ayahausca. Thank you @aaronrodgers12 and @aubreymarcus for setting this retreat up at the perfect time and in the perfect way. We are here to heal ourselves, we are here to heal our society and relationships, we our here to heal our lineages.

What is Aaron Rodgers' relationship with ayahuasca?

As he revealed months ago in an appearance on Aubrey Marcus' popular podcast, he discovered ayahuasca on a trip to South America a few years ago.

"To me, one of the core tenets of your mental health is self-love. That’s what ayahuasca did for me, was help me see how to unconditionally love myself. It’s only in that unconditional self-love that then I’m able to truly, unconditionally love others. And what better way to work on my mental health than to have an experience like that?”
American Century Championship - Round One
American Century Championship - Round One

Ayahuasca is not part of the league's prohibited substance list, which means that the quarterback cannot be fined or suspended due to its use.

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