Who are the 5 most popular NFL teams in London? 

Miami Dolphins v Jacksonville Jaguars
Miami Dolphins v Jacksonville Jaguars

Not only is the NFL popular across American states, but it also boasts an international following. Every year, thousands of NFL fans gather in London to support their favorite teams. Besides that, American football has also found roots in television in the UK.

The NFL is certainly growing globally, with broadcasting rights from over 181 different nations around the world. However, it is fair to say that the sport's popularity in England has increased because of the NFL London Games. It is evident that all 32 teams have a fanbase in the UK, but some are more popular than others

YouGov performed a survey to learn about the popularity of teams in Britain. They measured popularity as the percentage of people who have a positive opinion of a team. Let's take a look at the results:

#1 - Miami Dolphins, 27%

Miami Dolphins v Jacksonville Jaguars
Miami Dolphins v Jacksonville Jaguars

The Miami Dolphins rank number one in Britain. The amount of Facebook and Twitter traffic for the AFC East side can attest to their popularity.

They first played in London in October 2007, when they faced the New York Giants at a muddy Wembley Stadium. This was the first-ever NFL regular season game outside of America. Miami lost the game 13-10.

Since then, the Dolphins have featured in London in the 2014, 2015, 2017, and 2021 regular seasons. In that regard, they rank just behind the Jacksonville Jaguars, who have played eight games in England.

The Dolphins boast top talent in Tua Tagovailoa, Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle, Xavien Howard, and Terron Armstead. With their improving fortunes, Miami could get even more admiration from international audiences.

#2 - Dallas Cowboys, 20%

Jacksonville Jaguars v Dallas Cowboys
Jacksonville Jaguars v Dallas Cowboys

Coming in at second are the Dallas Cowboys, who are one of the most famous NFL teams across the globe. Despite winning the Super Bowl last more than 25 years ago, they have more than 11 million supporters across Facebook and Instagram.

What makes them so popular? According to Forbes, the Cowboys are one of the most valuable teams in the league with a net worth of $8 billion. They had a spell of dominance in the late 20th century, with eight Super Bowl appearances. They also had 10 conference championships in that time and have won 24 division titles in their history.

In fact, the Cowboys were so good that their back-to-back positive performances every year made them more appealing. The Dallas fanbase is not limited to the US and millions of supporters are found in Mexico, England, China, South America, and Europe.

#3 - New York Giants, 18%

New York Giants v Green Bay Packers
New York Giants v Green Bay Packers

As mentioned above, the New York Giants played in the first London game back to 2007. They beat the Dolphins 13-10 and helped increase their popularity with the the British people. Perhaps more importantly, New York is one of the most visited places by UK tourists. The increased access to football games through TV broadcasting also helped their fame to prosper across international boundaries.

The Giants beat the Green Bay Packers by 27-22 in their most recent NFL regular season game at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on October 9.

#4 - Green Bay Packers, 17%

New York Giants v Green Bay Packers
New York Giants v Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers come in fourth with a 17% popularity. They are considered to be one of the underdogs in the NFL internationally. Supporters in London feel inspired by the franchise's rugged climate, history, public ownership and legendary players.

The Green and Gold squad have lifted the Super Bowl trophy four times in their history. They are the third-oldest franchise and the only non-profit, community-owned NFL team. The Packers are adored for their supremacy under coach Vince Lombardi, who the SUper Bowl trophy is named after. He led the team to three straight and five total NFL Championships during 1960s. He helped them win the Super Bowl in 1966 and 1967.

The Packers played their first-ever regular-season game outside of America on October 9, 2022. As mentioned above, they were defeated by the Giants 27-22.

#5 - Chicago Bears, 17%

Chicago Bears v Oakland Raiders
Chicago Bears v Oakland Raiders

The Chicago Bears come in at fifth place. They have shown their dominance in Chicago since 1921, and are still referred to as the "Chicago Staleys." The broadcast of the NFL games in the UK began in 1982. In 1986, the Bears won the Super Bowl for the first time. Millions of British viewers tuned in to watch the American sport.

The team has won nine NFL championships along with numerous divisional records and has attracted supporters from around the globe. The London crowd first witnessed the Bears in 2011, when they defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24-18 at Wembley Stadium. Their last game was a 24-21 loss at the hands of the Las Vegas Raiders at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in 2019.

Full list of NFL franchises by popularity in Britain

Tennessee Titans v Los Angeles Chargers
Tennessee Titans v Los Angeles Chargers

Here is the full list of NFL franchises ranked by their popularity in Britain:

  1. Miami Dolphins, 27%
  2. Dallas Cowboys, 20%
  3. New York Giants, 18%
  4. Green Bay Packers, 17%
  5. Chicago Bears, 17%
  6. New York Jets, 17%
  7. Cleveland Browns, 16%
  8. Seattle Seahawks, 14%
  9. San Francisco 49ers, 14%
  10. Houston Texans, 14%
  11. Philadeplphia Eagles, 14%
  12. Las Vegas Raiders, 13%
  13. Cincinnati Bengals, 13%
  14. New England Patriots, 13%
  15. Denver Broncos, 13%
  16. Los Angeles Rams, 13%
  17. Buffalo Bills, 12%
  18. Pittsburgh Steelers, 12%
  19. Balitmore Ravens, 12%
  20. Minnesota Vikings, 12%
  21. Jacksonville Jaguars, 11%
  22. Carolina Panthers, 11%
  23. Indianapolis Colts, 11%
  24. New Orleans Saints, 10%
  25. Los Angeles Chargers, 10%
  26. Washington Commanders, 10%
  27. Kansas City Chiefs, 9%
  28. Atlanta Falcons, 7%
  29. Detroit Lions*
  30. Tennessee Titans*
  31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers*
  32. Arizona Cardinals*

Notes on rankings

Teams are ranked by percentages, the survey did not provide the exact percentages, only the whole number. More information on the data can be found here.

* - No data provided.

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