Aaron Rodgers' former rival hands out one key reason Jets QB should never have gotten two MVPs

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Aaron Rodgers' former rival hands out one key reason Jets QB should never have gotten two MVPs

Aaron Rodgers has tasted success at every level in the NFL. He's experienced team success in the form of a Super Bowl and personal success in the form of four MVPs. However, Rodgers' detractors were just handed ammunition that could take away two of his biggest accomplishments.

Speaking in a video uploaded on Twitter/X, NFL analyst and former Detroit Lions quarterback Dan Orlovsky handed out a chunk of credit to his wide receivers and play caller for Rodgers' success.

"If we go back to 2020 and 2021, in Aaron's back-to-back MVP seasons, [there are] things that stand out," Orlovsky said. "One, 30% of his passes over that two year span were behind the line of scrimmage. 30%. ... 'So hey, I got a completion for 12 yards, but it was only a six-yard throw and six yards of it was yards after the catch,'" he said. [56.3]

In 2020, the Green Bay Packers quarterback threw for 48 touchdowns, five interceptions, and completed 70.7% of his passes. In 2021, he threw for 37 touchdowns and four interceptions and completed 68.9% of his throws. In 2020, Rodgers threw for 4,299 total yards, and in 2021, he threw for 4,115 yards.

Aaron Rodgers battles father time in second attempted season of his 40s

Aaron Rodgers at New York Jets vs. Miami Dolphins
Aaron Rodgers at New York Jets vs. Miami Dolphins

Tom Brady might have found a way to win deep into his 40s, but few players at any position have proven the ability to remain in the game, let alone remain productive.

Aaron Rodgers is attempting to do so in his second season with the New York Jets.

Starting the season at age 40, Rodgers will be 41 by the end of the year. While staying on the field might be seen by most as an accomplishment by itself, No. 8's goal is bigger.

Since his MVP season in 2020, the quarterback's production has steadily declined. While he was able to follow up on his 2020 MVP award with another in 2021, his numbers saw a noticeable dip. In 2020, he threw 48 touchdowns. In 2021, he threw 37 touchdowns.

Of course, many wrote it off, as seemingly any attempt to match 48 touchdowns is doomed to failure. However, it became clear to some in 2022 that a decline was afoot. Rodgers threw for 26 touchdowns and 12 interceptions in his final season with the Packers.

Then, following that, Aaron Rodgers turned in just four plays of action in the 2023 season. Now, it will fall on the quarterback to rebound in a way that reverses the trend from 2023 but, more importantly, from 2022. Will he manage to regain the spotlight once again?

If any of the above quotes are used, credit Dan Orlovsky and H.T. Sportskeeda.

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