"Things would have to shift" - Aaron Rodgers hints at contract changes amid $60 million Packers payout in 2023

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Aaron Rodgers looks set to leave Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will be the talk of the offseason as rumors have circled around him being traded or potentially walking away from the game.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that if the Packers were to trade Rodgers, it wouldn't be to an NFC team.

Update: The #Packers won’t trade star QB Aaron Rodgers within the NFC, per @AdamSchefter If Rodgers was to be traded, It will be to an AFC team

Amid trade speculation and rumors, Rodgers addressed the possible outcome of being traded by saying some things about his contract would have to shift.

Rodgers said via The Pat McAfee Show:

"Definitely things would have to shift.... There would have to be some adjustments for sure."
Aaron Rodgers asked by @PatMcAfeeShow how much the $60m he's owed in 2023 will factor into his decision on returning. Rodgers says the contract would have to be tweaked if he's back: "Definitely things would have to shift. ... There would have to be some adjustments for sure."

Rodgers is currently due $60 million this season from the Green Bay Packers and knows that if he is traded, he may have to take a pay cut.

He could end up pocketing the full $60 million he's currently owed if the Packers decide to agree to pay a chunk of his salary that they would be dishing off to a new team.

As of right now, a few QB-needy teams in the AFC include the New York Jets and the Las Vegas Raiders. A team acquiring Rodgers would have to give up a lot of assets, including at least two 1st-round picks.

The #Packers will want at least two 1st round picks in a trade for QB Aaron Rodgers, Peter King shares in his column.King adds that #Jets owner Woody Johnson would happily pay that price. The question remains if Rodgers even wants to play for NY.

Aaron Rodgers could wind up retiring in the off-season

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers

Following trade rumors, Rodgers could elect to just walk away and retire from the NFL this offseason.


He's hinted at retirement a few times in the past, and did so again following the Packers' conclusion of the regular season. Rodgers himself said that he needs to contemplate all of his options this offseason, via ESPN.

"At some point, the carousel comes to a stop and it's time to get off, and I think you kind of know when that is. And that's what needs to be contemplated. Is it time? Also, what's the organization doing? That's part of it, as well. But the competitive fire is always going to be there. I don't think that ever goes away."

He also made a comment about how the Packers have paid him generational wealth in his career when asked how he would feel leaving $60 million this season if he retires.

The question will remain for the next few months - Where will Aaron Rodgers play in 2023, if he decides to return again?

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