"Aaron Rodgers is a team clown. He is a fraud" - Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe blast Packers QB

Green Bay Packers v Arizona Cardinals
Green Bay Packers v Arizona Cardinals

Aaron Rodgers is not the most liked person in the NFL, and now, the reigning NFL MVP is facing some serious heat after he contracted COVID-19.

While that doesn't sound like something that would incur the wrath of the media, it was his lying about being vaccinated that has everyone in the NFL community putting him on blast.

Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless from Fox's Undisputed, tore into the Green Bay Packers quarterback, and rightly so. By not telling the truth, Rodgers has put not only his team but the entire league in jeopardy. Sharpe, one of Rodgers' biggest fans, did not hold back in his summation of Rodgers.

"He's a team clown, a team liar," said Sharpe. "He's a liar. There is no misrepresentation that he mispoke, it's not that he was disengenious, ain't none of that, it was a lie.

"When you say something that you know is not truthful, that is a lie. That's not alternative facts, that's not being disengenious, that's not mispoke the truth. That is a lie to the highest degree because he knew he didn't take the vaccine. But he wanted some homiopathic what? He wanted to go sit in some epson salt?"

Clearly there were some harsh words from the Hall of Fame tight end but that wasn't the end of it. Sharpe's co-host Skip Bayless then had a go at Rodgers and his lie about getting the vaccine.

"Aaron Rodgers has been exposed as a fraud," Bayless said. "Aaron Rodgers, after they survived Arizona that Thursday night game, was raving about the brotherhood of the locker room and he said right after that game, 'The G that is on our jersey and on our helmet travels with you, represent the team the right way.'

"Represent the team by lying? It went all the way to growing his hair out so that when Halloween came around, his favorite holiday, he could go as John Wick to a huge Halloween party, maskless and I don't know what his status was with the COVID whether it had kicked in or not, I don't know if he was infectious or not at that point," Bayless finished.

Sharpe added: "After the game he was all up in people's faces knowing he wasn't vaccinated."

It is certainly a sticky situation with Rodgers not being vaccinated, he didn't comply with the NFL's rules about unvaccinated players either so he could miss more games and potentially face a fine.

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Edited by Piyush Bisht