"All you gotta do is read these depositions and  details, and hear his utter lack of ability to rationally explain himself" - Rich Eisen believes Deshaun Watson deserves lengthy suspension

Cleveland Browns Mandatory Minicamp
Cleveland Browns Mandatory Minicamp
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The ongoing case of Deshaun Watson and his potential suspension has dominated NFL headlines in recent months. According to analyst Rich Eisen, the Cleveland Browns quarterback deserves a lengthy suspension for his actions.

Watson is being investigated for sexual misconduct after more than 20 women leveled accusations at the former Houston Texans quarterback.

Speaking on the Rich Eisen Show, Eisen stated that Watson had no rational explanation for his actions and thus should not be let off the hook.

"If this comes up with zero games, there will be such a major hue and cry, including from this seat. Zero games for Deshaun Watson's behavior. All you gotta do is just read these depositions and read the details and hear his complete, utter lack of ability to rationally explain himself.
"And when I say rationally, I mean, for somebody who's, in my case, just very eager to hear something, understandably, exculpatory from him about his own behavior."

Deshaun Watson may move on with no repercussions


Despite the allegations levelled at him, Deshaun Watson was given a fully guaranteed, five-year, $230 million deal with the Browns this offseason. This means that even if he is suspended, he stands to make a fortune.

According to Eisen, the whole situation is a "mess."

"And then if he gets zero games and gets to play all games and make $46 million, what a horrible look for everyone, including every other player in the association that I understand is doing its job right now. But just think of the ramifications if what comes out of all of this is Watson loses no games this year, and makes all of his $46 million. What a mess that would be."

Watson's hearing before the NFL and NFL Players Association's jointly appointed disciplinary officer, Sue L. Robinson, came to an end earlier this week. According to reports, a decision is expected to be announced later this month.

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