Alvin Kamara calls out NFL reporter over false report involving Saints and former HC Sean Payton

Kamara called out some incorrect reporting on Schrager
Kamara called out some incorrect reporting on Schrager's behalf

Alvin Kamara has disputed a recent report that, amidst the New Orleans Saints' struggles, they received a pep talk from former head coach Sean Payton. That pep talk was reportedly before their dominant 24-0 win over the Las Vegas Raiders. It was their only win in the last five games and they have struggled to stay competitive in a weak NFC South.

NFL Network host Peter Schrager says Sean Payton gave the Saints a pep talk before they beat the Raiders, their only win in five games:…

The report came from NFL Network analyst Peter Schrager, but the Saints star running back has said it isn't true. He asked who gave the analyst fake news on Twitter.

Now @PSchrags … who gave you this Fake news?? #Misinformation…

To his credit, Schrager owned up to the mistake and said he would correct the story and take responsibility for the mistake.

@A_kamara6 Will correct. Made a mistake on this. Ill own it !

The Saints dominated the Raiders in every facet of the game, shutting them down for four quarters. In other games, they've struggled mightily, losing to the Arizona Cardinals, Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens and the Cincinnati Bengals among other teams.

New Orleans Saints v Pittsburgh Steelers
New Orleans Saints v Pittsburgh Steelers

Something helped them win that Raiders game, but apparently it wasn't a pep talk from Sean Payton.

Will Alvin Kamara be suspended this season?

After last season, the star running back was arrested for battery and the incident was very serious. Many expected him to be suspended this season, but he entered Week 1 and hasn't been suspended yet. With the season halfway over, it's reasonable to assume Kamara will avoid punishment this season.

However, he did recently go to court and legal proceedings have begun. They will more than likely take some time, though. It's unlikely a punishment is handed down this season, since by the time the NFL could give him a ban, it would be too late.

There are seven weeks remaining in this NFL season. So unless they suspend him now, it won't make as much of an impact as the Saints are not looking like playing this postseason.

Doing so at the beginning of next year makes more sense if the league decides to hand out a punishment at all. That way, they'd have as many weeks as they want to suspend Kamara.

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