Antonio Brown sued by Phantom Labs for breach of oral contract and fraudulent inducement

Former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown
Former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown and two other companies, Boomin Productions LLC and STB Athletes, are being sued for breaching an oral contract and fraudulent inducement. The former NFL wide receiver is the sole manager of Boomin, per documents filed with the Florida Secretary of State.

Phantom Labs Inc. is a company that assisted the wideout in putting together a community outreach event the day prior to Super Bowl 56 in the city of Los Angeles.

In the Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit, the company is suing the receiver, claiming he didn’t pay a total of over $31,000 for their work in setting up his program. Phantom Labs Inc. asserts that the former Pittsburgh Steelers player and his company have a track record of not paying vendors or their employees for their work:

“Brown and his team have a history of not paying vendors and employees for their services, further confirming that despite their promises and assurances, defendants had no intention of paying Phantom when it was hired.”

The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver was in attendance for the Super Bowl, which was held at SoFi Stadium back in February as a guest of Grammy award-winning rapper Kanye West, per the lawsuit.


The suit also holds that, on the Saturday before Super Bowl 56, the receiver, Boomin, and STB had an event in Los Angeles named “Team AB Community Outreach.” This was put together by Phantom, Brown, his subsidiaries and agents, and Brian Davis, a principal for STB who was in the position of a representative for the wideout.

Lawsuit holds Brown and his company failed to pay Phantom when promised

Brown with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Brown with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Brown and his representatives, along with Davis, signed off on Phantom’s budget of $95,000-$100,000 for the event and the company held up its end of the agreement, including advancing and contracting for thousands of dollars in expenditures in the assumption that timely payment would come.

According to the suit, Phantom Labs Inc.’s costs and fees for the wideout’s event totaled $66,050. Davis promised Phantom that he would pay the bill, but no payment was completed on the day it was supposed to be paid. Thus, Phantom sent another set of payment instructions to Davis.


After continuous reminders, Boomin sent Phantom $35,000, but the lawsuit claims that Boomin declined to pay the remaining balance of the bill. Phantom Labs Inc., who are the plaintiffs in this case, said the defendants were aware that their representations were made and made without regard to their truth.

“Defendants knew their representations were false when they made them and/or that they made the representations recklessly and without regard to their truth.”

We’ll see how this lawsuit fares for the 33-year-old former NFL wideout and his company as time progresses.

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