Bobby Wagner destroys fan on field with tackle, impresses Peyton Manning during 49ers vs. Rams

Bobby Wagner destroys streaker with vicious tackle | Image: Omaha Productions
Bobby Wagner destroys streaker with vicious tackle | Image: Omaha Productions

If you're not in the uniform Bobby Wagner is wearing and decide to run on the football field while he's around, expect to get decked and decapitated with a tackle. A streaker at Levi's Stadium confirmed this for everyone else in the most painful way possible.

The streaker at Levi's Stadium ran onto the football field during the Monday Night Football game between the Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers with a pink flare. But he made the mistake of running towards the Rams players as security personnel chased him around.

Rams' Takkarist McKinley was the first to try and pin the streaker down, but, like he has countless times in his career, Bobby Wagner timed his tackle to perfection and ended the tomfoolery. The linebacker showcased perfect technique on his vicious hit, which undoubtedly rang the streaker's bell. Watch the moment below.


The streaker was then escorted off the field by security personnel and was probably taken into custody by police.

Peyton Manning impressed by Bobby Wagner's vicious takedown

NFL Hall of Famers Eli and Peyton Manning discussed the moment on the ManningCast stream and couldn't hide their admiration for Wagner.

Speaking about the tackle, Peyton noted:

"What a nice a nice hit, though, right? It was a nice legal hit."

While watching the replay of the moment, Manning broke it down and was thoroughly impressed by the Rams linebacker's effort. He said:

"Oh, yes! That's what we're talking about! Wagner! Veteran! Right, get him down, get out and let [security personnel] take over. Bobby Wagner, veteran play."

Eli was also impressed and noted the decisiveness of the linebacker's tackle:

"He had some smoke going on there."

Watch the Manning brothers' play-by-play commentary on Wagner's tackle below:

Peyton & @EliManning will do play-by-play of anything... including a streaker on the field ๐Ÿ˜‚

Peyton noted that the streaker had a t-shirt on and was promoting something, but called it an amateur move to do it during a football game. In the end, it was an excruciatingly painful experience for the streaker, courtesy of Wagner.

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