"Brady's plastic botox face freaks me out" - Redditors spot complete contrast in appearances between Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers

Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers on Inside the NBA
Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers on Inside the NBA

Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers appeared on Inside the NBA on Sunday night ahead of their charity golf match against fellow quarterbacks Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes on June 1. The duo joked about hairstyles, golf swings, and salary.

However, Redditors picked up on the difference in looks between Brady and Rodgers and discussed the duo's appearance on the show.


One Reddit user stated that Brady's face scared them.

Another user questioned whether the quarterback's cheeks, hair, and teeth were natural, with another replying that they were definitely fake.

The following two comments also questioned his face, and they wondered if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback had anything to alter how he looks, suggesting both plastic surgery and injections.

Two more Reddit users discussed how Rodgers looks older despite being six years younger.

The following comment shows that they are enjoying laughing at the difference in appearance between the two veteran quarterbacks.

One Reddit user compared Brady's face to a Barbie's and wondered how much botox he has been using.

Finally, one user expressed their gratitude that Rodgers is still a Green Bay Packers player after solving his contract issues in the off-season.

Despite being 44 and 38 years old, the duo is still competing at the highest level in the NFL. With both quarterbacks set to return in 2022 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Green Bay Packers, respectively, there will be some fireworks in the NFC this coming season.

Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers will battle it out to get their teams NFC's spot in Super Bowl LVII

Despite teaming up for The Match on June 1, the two will be competing against each other for a place in the Super Bowl in February 2023. Along with the Los Angeles Rams, the Buccaneers and the Packers are among the favorites to challenge for the NFC's spot in the big game next season.

Rodgers. Brady. Need we say more?

In Week 3 of the regular season, we will be treated to a matchup between the two veterans. Rodgers will lead Green Bay into Tampa Bay for what promises to be one of the greatest games of the season. The two franchises meet on September 25 at Raymond James Stadium.

The last time the two faced each other was in 2020 when the Buccaneers battered the Packers 38-10. Who will come out on top in Week 3 in 2022?

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