"Bro doesn’t read his tweets before hitting send" , "QB to LT. First time in history. Wow" - NFL fans brutally troll Adam Schefter for yet another gaffe while reporting on Zach Wilson's injury

Adam Schefter made an embarassing mistake about the Jets star
Adam Schefter made an embarassing mistake about the Jets star

Zach Wilson suffered a devastating leg injury during the preseason. This prevented him from suiting up for the New York Jets during the first three weeks of the season and the franchise went 1-2 in his absence. Wilson was expected to miss several games, but has been given a positive outlook on the rest of the campaign.

Adam Schefter reported that doctors have cleared the Jets' young quarterback to return and that he should be able to play this week unless something in practice goes awry. In the tweet, Schefter made a mistake, something that has plagued him in many announcement tweets over the years.

Jets’ HC Robert Saleh announced that doctors have cleared QB Zach Wilson to return and, barring any setbacks, he is expected to star LT Sunday against the Steelers.

The quarterback is expected to be named the starter for the Jets' game against the Pittsburgh Steelers this week. However, he is presumably going to line up under center at the position he plays. Schefter's typo seems to indicate, incorrectly, that the second-year quarterback out of BYU is undergoing a positional change to left tackle. This would mean Zach Wilson will be protecting Joe Flacco, who's taken over the QB role.

NFL fans did not miss the opportunity to brutally troll the NFL reporter for his latest mistake:

@NYJ_Matt @AdamSchefter Bro doesn’t read his tweets before hitting send he has to re-post almost every single one of them
@AdamSchefter QB to LT. First time in history. Wow.
@AdamSchefter Adam could having him at left tackle put Flacco in danger
@AdamSchefter Wow why would they risk injury at LT?
@AdamSchefter So Zach Wilson gets a knee injury and they’re moving him from QB to LT his first game back??? What does this mean for Joe Flacco’s blindside?
@RyanZwang @AdamSchefter STAR LT, Flacco is gonna be mvp now
@AdamSchefter Might be better at LT than Evan Neal

Schefter's rush to be the first to tweet out the information has left him with an embarrassing mistake. The lack of an edit button on Twitter means it'll likely stay up for fans to continue making fun of him.

What does Zach Wilson's return mean for the New York Jets?

The return of a starting quarterback is always good news for an NFL team, even if it's one that isn't expected to compete this season. The Jets are rebuilding, so they don't necessarily need their top quarterback to play, but it is good news nonetheless.

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns
New York Jets v Cleveland Browns

His return does make the Jets a better team. Joe Flacco is a reliable backup, but Zach Wilson is their starter for now and the future. He needs to start as many games as possible, even if they're not winning.


His development was going to take a hit if the leg injury had cost him the entire season, which, fortunately for him, is not going to happen. This news also improves the outlook for the overall offense. Skill position players Elijah Moore, Garrett Wilson, Michael Carter and Breece Hall should see improvements with Wilson under center.


The Jets face the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 4. The Steelers have a stingy defense, but the quarterback's return will make life a little bit more difficult for them. It will be great to see Zach Wilson back on the field on Sunday.

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