"Browns fans have fully embraced Deshaun Watson" - NFL fans react to Cleveland man selling 'B***h give me a massage' t-shirt ahead of preseason game

Some NFL fans have fully embraced Deshaun Watson
Some NFL fans have fully embraced Deshaun Watson

When Deshaun Watson played in the Cleveland Browns' first preseason game, he was met with boos. Many fans were unsupportive of the Browns' decision to trade for and extend the quarterback. Guard Joel Bitonio said that for this season, it would be Cleveland against the world. This seems to be something of a rallying call for his teammates.

It seems that some Browns fans have embraced this idea too. Many are now rallying around Watson in the wake of his 11-game suspension. One fan was spotted outside the stadium selling rather crude merchandise.

Makes perfect sense to have this shirt be sold outside Browns’ stadium

The shirts make light of the many sexual misconduct allegations Deshaun Watson faced, and NFL fans are none too pleased with it. Many couldn't help but voice their disgust. Here are some of the top comments:

@NFL_Memes Browns fans have fully embraced Deshaun Watson
@NFL_Memes Unfollowed. There are real victims and to make light of the subject is disgusting.
@NFL_Memes There was a time I hoped the Browns would win something because their fans had suffered enough. Now? I hope they win their next game in 2030
@NFL_Memes Nobody buys those shirtsEveryone just walks by those guys
@NFL_Memes I like how there is girl right besides that guy when this pic was taken 😭😭
@NFL_Memes That shirt has just as much class as the Browns owner.
@NFL_Memes Not even funny. Disgraceful shirt. As a joke or in all serious. He needed the whole year plus more. I know the Texans were opportunist as well as soon as he said he wanted a trade, hiding it the whole time
@NFL_Memes Cleveland fans somehow have reached a tier even lower than that of Eagles fans which was once thought to have been impossible.
@NFL_Memes One guy selling shirts doesn’t represent the whole fan base

Though it's unclear how popular the shirt is, at least one person has bought one.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson faces an 11-game suspension

Philadelphia Eagles v Cleveland Browns
Philadelphia Eagles v Cleveland Browns

Initially, after months of deliberations, the Browns star was handed a six-game ban. The length shocked and appalled many, including the league offices. They decided to appeal the suspension, seeking a season-long ban. Ultimately, following a short period of time, a settlement was reached which extended the suspension to 11 games and a $5 million fine.


This was once again met with outrage as the NFL world wanted a lengthier suspension. 11 games doesn't fit the crime in the eyes of the majority. The quarterback had as many as 24 cases alleging misconduct filed against him in civil court.

When it comes to the Deshaun Watson saga, there's nothing more anyone can do as there are no more appeals or processes. The quarterback is set to take the field in Week 13 against his former franchise, the Houston Texans.


Watson will not be allowed to practice with the team until his suspension is completed. This will be interesting as by the time he suits up for his regular-season Browns debut, he will have missed 28 NFL games. He has already displayed a lot of rust in his sole preseason showing. Against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Watson completed one pass for seven yards from five attempts.

It will be interesting to see how he gets on when Week 13 rolls around.

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