"He is as Brady-esque as anyone" - Skip Bayless reveals the QB who reminds him most of Tom Brady

Skip Bayless on who reminds him most of Tom Brady
Skip Bayless on who reminds him most of Tom Brady

Tom Brady looks set to retire from the NFL, with news circling around the league that the seven-time Super Bowl winner will hang up his cleats in the coming weeks. Should the 44-year old call it time on his career, there will be a gap to fill at the top of the NFL quarterback ladder.

Several young stars are ready and waiting to step up and fill the void, with the likes of Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen and Justin Herbert already proving to be more than capable of leading their respective franchises.

Skip Bayless, a television personality and co-host of Fox Sports' Undisputed, believes there's one young quarterback who reminds him of Brady. He said this about Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow:

"Joe Burrow, five games, averaging 344 [yards] per game, 75 percent completion, 11 touchdowns to one interception. He has gone LSU [Louisiana State University]-hot on the NFL. He had the greatest year of college football we have ever seen a quarterback have, won the championship, win the Heisman, and he's on an LSU roll again."
If the GOAT Tom Brady is in fact retiring, I believe Joe Burrow will ascend to the top of the QB ranks. Why? Because he quietly did this year. Burrow over Mahomes on Sunday. More @Undisputed, now on FS1

Bayless continued his admiration of Burrow, putting him in the same class as the Bucs' No. 12:

"Of all the quarterbacks I see, all the young quarterbacks, the one who can see it and feel it and perform it in Brady's class, is this kid. He is as Brady-esque as anybody else left standing right now, if in fact we don't have Tom Brady anymore."

Will Tom Brady-esque Joe Burrow and the Bengals topple the Chiefs in the AFC Championship game?

Burrow faces the biggest game of his career on Sunday against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. If he can lead his team to victory, they will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl in Los Angeles on February 13. It would be the first Super Bowl Cincinnati will have gone to since 1988.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, the Bengals only need to repeat what they did in the regular season, and that was beat Kansas City, though this time it will be at Arrowhead Stadium, where the previous four AFC Championship games have been held.

Burrow says it will take a “near perfect” performance to beat the Chiefs

Burrow has admitted himself that it will take a near-perfect performance to defeat the Chiefs, but if anyone can do it, it's the high-powered Bengals. Though questions remain over the offensive line and their ability to block, allowing Burrow to pick apart defenses, their offense is stacked. With weapons such as Joe Mixon, Ja'Marr Chase and Tee Higgins, Cincinnati are more than capable of keeping up with Mahomes and company if required.

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