Cam Newton's recent comments could signal his retirement from NFL 

Will Cam find a new home next season?
Will Cam find a new home next season?

Former NFL MVP Cam Newton could have played his last down in the NFL. Having struggled for game time and performance over the last couple of seasons, he was benched for Sam Darnold this season as he threw four touchdowns and five interceptions in his five games this year.

Newton spoke to Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports and was asked if he had any football left in him.

"Do I have a lot of football [left]? Do I want to play? Yeah," he said. "But under the right conditions. I have to sit down with my family, my counsel, and just decide."
Cam Newton: Do I have a lot of football [left]? Do I want to play? Yeah. But under the right conditions. I have to sit down with my family, my counsel, and just decide.

Will Cam Newton find a new team?

Over the next couple of weeks, NFL teams will be evaluating their rosters and looking at where they can improve. There are several teams that could use a new quarterback, but will a 32-year-old be the answer?

Washington need a new quarterback; so do the Steelers and the Texans (if Mills is not the answer), and potentially the Seahawks, depending on what Russell Wilson does.

The Panthers are still unsure over their options going forward. Sam Darnold started 3-0 this season before the wheels fell off and Cam looked shaky in the offense.

Cam Newton says he's healthy, and is willing to accept a backup role in the right situation, for a winning-type team:"I'm not coming back for no 5-12. I can tell you that now."#NFL I @wcnc I #Panthers

The big question will be whether Newton sees himself as a starter or if he is content being a back-up. His charisma and stature suggest he needs to be a starter, but there could be only a handful of jobs available, if any; so being a back up could be a viable option.

Since his 2015 MVP season, in which he led the Panthers to a 15-1 record and a Super Bowl appearance, Cam has been on a downwards trajectory. In his MVP year, he threw for 35 touchdowns and only 10 interceptions, but he has not gotten close to those touchdown numbers since.

Several teams will see the 32-year-old as a bonafide back-up option should their starter go down. That could even be in Carolina, but the lack of on-field production will cause some hesitation.

If Cam is to call it a day and retire from the league, he will go down as one of the most polarizing figures the game has seen. He made his name as one of the first dual-threat quarterbacks who could throw as well as he could run.

2013 Monday Night Football. Cam Newton tortures New England's defensive line. Carolina goes on to win the game on a defensive stand. #ThankYouCam

In his first two seasons, he rushed for over 700 yards. In his rookie year, he rushed for 14 touchdowns along with 21 passing touchdowns as he took the league by storm.

At 32 years old, Cam's best days are possibly behind him, but if the right situation presents itself, we may not have seen the last of him in the NFL.

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