Carolina Panthers pushing hard to bring back QB Cam Newton despite drop in form

Two-time Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton
Two-time Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton

Cam Newton has fallen off his game in the past few years. The former number one draft pick was selected by the Carolina Panthers in 2011 and went on to lead them to Super Bowl 50 in 2015, the same year he won MVP. Since then, the wind seems to have been taken out of his sails.

The Panthers and Cam Newton remain in contact, and a return to the roster remains possible.

In an interview with Mike Florio on NBC Sports’ Pro Football Talk, Panthers general manager Scott Fitterer stated he couldn’t rule out a reunion between Newton and the Panthers.

“I think we’re still having thoughts. We have to see how this works out here throughout the spring. I just happened to be up at the [Kentucky] Derby last weekend, and Cam was up there. We’re texting a little bit. The lines of communication are open. I know Coach Rhule has spoken with him. We are going to have a discussion at some point, but we’re just not quite there yet, but we’ll see how it goes. The more competition we have at that position the better.”
“I think that mindset is he’s always going to compete to start. I mean that’s just the competitor that he is. The one thing I learned about him is how unselfish he is and what a team guy he is. I had this perception from the outside coming in here [of] who I thought he was. He was one of the hardest workers on our team. He’s a leader. He took the young guys under his wing. They do look up to him naturally. He does have that presence, but he’s a team-first guy. He’s a competitor, but he’s a team-first guy, so we have no problem bringing him in.”


Cam Newton could make a return to the Panthers if Sam Darnold doesn't show he can handle the starting job

After being released by the Panthers before his tenth season, Newton was signed by the New England Patriots in 2020. Although he started off well enough, a bout with COVID-19 interrupted his season, and he was never the same when he came back. In a rare occurrence, the Patriots missed the playoffs that year.

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Still, Newton remained a free agent after his time with the Patriots, and after Sam Darnold’s season ended with an injury, the Panthers invited Newton back to finish out the season, and though things didn’t work out all that well, the team hasn’t ruled out bringing Newton back again.


Darnold has been named the starter at this point, but it will be interesting to see if Newton makes a return, especially if Darnold doesn’t live up to expectations.

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